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A Good Writer

Updated on November 5, 2015
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway

Writing is an art and no art is mastered without tenacity and hard work. Even the greats, whose names are associated with writing, worked laboriously hard to become best. When it comes to writing or perhaps everything or anything; there are two kinds of people, ones who think they can write, and others who think they can’t.

But most often they both are wrong. The truth is however different, as most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Let me emphasize and make it explicitly clear that almost everyone can come up with what defines the ‘good writer’. Therefore, they are likely to point out at some of the essential characteristics that any writer is born to have.

However, to me good writer is someone who successfully evokes emotions and thus connects to reality and some distant dreams and tells a story which his readers can relate to. A good writer is the one who shakes the very core of his readers’ soul, and it is not necessarily about if he/she is good at using jugglery of bombastic words. But unfortunately, it the case most often as best writers are believed to be the ones who have command over vocabularies and prose and may believed to be manufactured out of formal education and vocational training.

John Milton
John Milton

This is wrong; very wrong. Good writers may not necessarily quote Milton or Shakespeare, nor may they use bombastic words. But Good writers foremost should be good at communicating; ones who worry about connecting to the audiences to the story that they wants to sell.

Words are very essential, they do matter, so they must be cherished, but unfortunately are the most undervalued assets. They serve as a as a prism through which the readers peek inside the persona of writers. But it must be made specifically clear that; right words do matter, which are so chosen in poem or prose to rightfully occasion the very essence of an event or any happening.

A good writer expresses in an explicit way which a common person is unable to. And often at times – even a good writer is short of words at critical junctures of conversation, leaving him with the non verbal responses, coming in mass of feeling, images and half-formed thoughts that he cannot put in words until, sometimes during the next day.

Good Writing is about sitting next say, and being able to think through everything you wanted to say at that point in time and seeking to find the suitable words, forming to the images and connecting them to the feelings and thoughts.

Furthermore, one of a fine human quality that a ‘good writer’ needs to have is listening. The fine writers listen to their audience and not surprisingly their writings bear this testament of this fact; they inhabit the world of unheard music and dance to the tune of it. Apart from possessing confidence over his abilities, the good writer needs to persist.

What Is Good Writing

Persistence is the quality found in termite; while confidence is what the politicians, seducers and currency speculators have. Persistence is the drive that a writer has long after if his confidence has broken down, and it does in case of failure of some short, which any writer is bound to suffer at any point of his career.

one of the most quality of a writer that is least talked about 'patience', that every writer needs to have. As there would be times, when a writer may feel to be not sufficient to complete a days's target/task. That is where the quality of patience comes in, and a writer goes on to toiling hard and work through every sentence that he could be feeling to insurmountable. Thus a good writer is able to muster all the patience needed to carryout the day's task.

A good writer is accustomed to be attentive of a tiny details; in fact he so paints the picture that it looks as though that a readers is actually witness to the melodrama of a whole scene. Moreover, the good writer is one who loves to read, as he often is a avid reader of the works of a great writers, such as Milton, John Keats, Shakespeare, etc.

English Romantic Poet: John Keats
English Romantic Poet: John Keats

Some one ones asked me show me a real writer, and I showed him a good reader. As writers invariably are avid readers, and the very characteristic of reading inspires one to writer; it in a way kindles the fire in you and often awakes the dormant potential that one tends to have.

Moreover, the good writer should be interested in truth, if not obsessed with idea of it. (Ivy-Compton Burnett wrote: "It is not true that people have nothing to fear if they speak the truth. They have everything to fear. That is the reason for falsehood.").

I would conclude, good writer constructs writing which is to be understood by his/her target audience, and should be ready to embrace flaws as it’s the way to improvement. And he should come up with different story altogether, not with some everyday stuff, that in no way stands out. Tell a story which has not happened to anyone else and something which marks uniqueness.


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