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A Man Is Incomplete Without His Family

Updated on September 2, 2014

It was the day of unprecedented joy,

The day in which my Son was born.

I was unable to speak for fifteen minutes full,

Overwhelmed with inexpressible happiness.

It was just a reverse reaction,

Making me remember the day of my Father's death.

It was the day when thunder struck my head

And I felt,I had no Father to call again.

Every moment of my Son's growing up,

Filled me up with tenderness.

As he toddled and babbled,

I soon began to feel a responsible Father.

Then began the days of his School,

When to drop him to School,

And bring him back from there,

Became my routine almost everyday.

Soon came the Bolt from the Blue,

When I found myself being overpowered by ,

Villains two,namely financial deficiency and sleeplessness.

Everything around seemed

To become Topsy-Turvy.

Presently, I have not so happy as used to be,

But my Wife is an ocean of compassion,

Who has been taking things very lightly.

I can only write,write and write,

About Nature and her beauty,

Since to combat the Villains,

I have bountiful Nature and my Family with me,

To shield me against any invasion.


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    • profile image

      Mayurika Mondal 3 years ago

      Parents have really a great role in their child's life.I never understood the value of my father in my life when he was alive but now in every step in my life I understand the importance and need of him in my life.