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A Heart Critique.

Updated on November 30, 2009


A Heart Critique ©-MFB III    

The pigments that color
our individual souls
can sometimes be drab. Cobwebbed gray or moss green 
earth tones that hold little
to capture the imagination,
leaping unfettered through
synapses of our minds. Even poets fall prey to the dull white of writer's blocks skewing their views.  
But when love enters the picture
and what has been  canvassed is ripe for
freshly stroked ideas,
then the colors of two souls
blend and create a marvelous
panorama of life's best work. One can almost taste on thier own palette such a soft brush of sweetness.
 Lonely people who
see such emotions displayed
sometimes publicly say softly
to themselves:
"Ahhhhh, yes I remember it well!"


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