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Where Dreams Go to Die

Updated on August 1, 2013
Your dreams are trapped in a basement.  Will they see the light of day?
Your dreams are trapped in a basement. Will they see the light of day? | Source

Surviving the Death of a Dream

Some of the greatest ideas, the grandest intentions, the kindest hearts perish before they can make an impact. You may have had such a dream that was so strong, it carried a big piece of who you are with it.

Some dreams are destroyed by lust, or anger, or jealousy. Some dreams are destroyed by fear. Even more dreams are destroyed by the powerful institutions of man, who take great pleasure of stripping the kind and generous of their kindness and generosity.

If you have a dream that has died, it is important that you grieve it like a loved one. Below, I wrote an original verse as I grieved a dream, and share in sympathy for yours.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me | Source
Dreams are stranded, sometimes
Dreams are stranded, sometimes | Source

Where Dreams Go to Die

Dreams don’t die like a car crash

With shrapnel and spinning and cussing

The audience and the ambulance

The passersby inquiring and fussing

Dreams don’t die like a sparrow

Tumbling to the earth from its lofty perch

To land beneath the tree

Then as soil, then as a birch

Dreams don’t die like a sun

Swelling with pride before the boom

Puffing out its orange chest

to announce impending doom

Dreams don’t die like a king

With banners and commotion and pomp

The flashbulbs and the irony

White horses go clip-clap-clomp

Dreams don’t die like a year

In a room of masques and wine

the colorful masses toasting

to the prospects of a new vine

Dreams don’t die like a romance

With tears and gnashing of teeth

The parting with your lover’s things

Crimson vision that looks like grief

Dreams die somewhere in the mouth of a driveling madman, desperate to keep hope afloat amidst invading armies without faces and threats from yesterday’s demon

Dreams die grasping for your cloak like the hands of the poor

Dreams die as chloroformed infants, stuffed in the earth and can no longer cry for sweet milk until all that remains are teeth

Dreams die when their pleas are ignored like a helpless dog panting for water in the dry heat of day

Dreams die when they’re wrapped in plastic and distributed efficiently on your local corner by boys that don’t yet need to shave

Dreams die when they’re lost in piles of money on the checkerboard of the World

Dreams die like a poisoned friend, small and futile with a rotting mouth, unable to clean herself

any longer

Dreams die in the rain like a forgotten statue, awfully haughty for a hunk of chalk

Dreams die like a vacant home, punished by wind and ignored by decades

Heaving in desire for its family to return home

with rooms of memories …and abandoned toys for the children.

We were so happy.

Obscured by curtains, sunlight mocked harshly by dust

Feigning a sick greeting with scoliosis

Slumping to one side

Come in, and sit at my table.

And in the summer…a boy with a red wagon passes by, and vows to live there one day…

Copyright Julian J. Magdaleno, All Rights Reserved.

A Perspective on Death of a Vision

Grieving a Dream: Some Practical Advice

Dealing with the death of a dream can be absolutely miserable. You may feel directionless, or abandoned, or even betrayed (especially by fate, or God, or your own abilities, or those closest to you). Here are some possible reasons for its failure:

  • Your dream was not an endpoint, it was a vehicle to bring you to the next one
  • Your dream was too small, aim higher
  • Your dream couldn't survive in the circumstances. Don't abandon it, alter it to fit life
  • Your dream was for someone else to continue to build on, like the boy with the wagon
  • Your dream's death is temporary, it will be revived at the appropriate time
  • Your dream was, in fact, someone else's that was passed to you and not yours

The following is some practical advice on how to move on:

  1. Use your creative outlets to express yourself. It is important not to hold on to negative energy.
  2. Get closer to friends. Make sure these are supportive, non-judgmental friends. Friends can provide you with some inspiration to move on.
  3. Keep moving, don't stop and have a pity party. If you are a person who thrives off of activity, shutting yourself down will not make you feel better.
  4. DO NOT FORGET WHO YOU ARE. Nothing about YOU changed at all by shifts in your circumstances.
  5. Care for others. Nothing provides you with a feeling of purpose so much as nurturing someone else who is in need.


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    • BigJulesMags profile image

      Julian Magdaleno 4 years ago from Queens, New York City

      Thank you for sharing with your followers, as I am short on those right now. I'm trying to build up enough steam to start writing books and podcasting.

      I wouldn't have had this idea if I didn't see what you were doing first. I had the verse swimming in my head, but the rest was generated because of your influence. So thank you.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 4 years ago from Washington, DC

      OMG BigJulesMags. Thanks for the invite. I'm so impressed and touched by this hub. It is truly a blessing. The poem is beautifully executed, great use of metaphor and powerful imagery. It actually moved me to well-up. The hub itself includes excellent content that is very informative and useful. The video gives a hopeful perspective on reclaiming your lost dream and fits quite well with the content. I love the message on grieving your dreams. You did a magnificent job here. I think you will do very well at HubPages. I look forward to reading more of you work. Voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful, and interesting. I will also share with followers because I think it's that good.

    • BigJulesMags profile image

      Julian Magdaleno 4 years ago from Queens, New York City

      No dream succeeds without effort, but not all succeed even with effort. Sometimes, you may need to change direction. Each case is unique.

      Appreciate the comment. Cheers.

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      A dream is nothing without an effort to make it so.