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Just For Laughs!

Updated on July 31, 2017

A Sense Of Humor

One evening while the Morgansens were eating their dinner Mr. Morgansen asked his wife Mrs. Morgansen, " honey, how would you like to go see a movie tonight?" She said, "sure, I would love to." Besides, there is a good movie playing tonight that I was dying to see."

After the both of them had finished eating their dinner they quickly got up from the table, removed the dirty dishes, then put them in the dishwasher.

Then Mrs. Morgansen removed all the pots from the stove, put the lids on them, then she placed them on the counter-top.

Before leaving out the house Mrs. Morgansen quickly turned on the radio to some some soft music. She even turn on a lamp to to lighten up the living room to make a unexpected burglar think she and Mr. Morgansen were still at home.

But, since she was so in a hurry to leave because she didn't want to be late for the movie she had forgotten to remove the all the goodies from the coffee table.

But, the minute Mr. and Mrs. Morgansen drove away from their house, we headed straight into the living room to have a party. Some of us were dancing all over the floor to the music on the radio and some of us were eating some of the goodies that Mrs. Morgansen left on the coffee table.

Later that evening some of us had decided to go into the kitchen to see if they could find something else to eat. While some of us were eating the food from the pots on the kitchen counter top we suddenly heard Mr. Morgansen sticking the house keys into the door lock.

So, we quickly scattered ourselves and returned to our original hiding places before the Morgansens came into the house. Why did we leave so quickly?

Answer: Because we're cockroaches!


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