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A Jazzy House Set With Cozy Fireplace Tones - A Sy Study

Updated on December 11, 2019
Sydaytrips profile image

I am a DJ set (house music)#music blogger#listener that finds what you're in the mood to hear. Poetically, I explain the DJ set experience.

Welcome readers and music enthusiasts, I thank you for your time.

This will be the first of a continuing series of shorts I am presenting here. I am here to save you time by giving you a line for line (stanza) description with imaginative visuals (digital images) on what you'll hear. I write these blog elements in free verse form (musically) with the structure of a reviewer. I got frustrated over the years by reading set comments (nice job, good set, etc.) and having to skim through the audio to see if it was worth the listening. When you have time to sit down and relax, you know what you have the craving for.

I am not here to bash or critique a DJ/artist. I am here to inform you (the listener) of what genre you'll be hearing and what feels (#emotions#visual imagination#escapism#pleasure) to expect.

Opening track.... - NICE. Female vocals, toasty synth with saxophone backing. 7:20 mark - Mellow. Vibrato keys, bass viola riff. 13:15 - Elegant. Female vocal hook, "I dream of you, magic, magic," candlelight (dancing) jazz guitar. 18:05 - Flowin' man, easin' into the vibez. Female vocals, wait for the xylophone solo. 24:20 - Whoosh. Tremolo bones (Rhodes), bass guitar, and bongo percussion. This has that fire dancing flavaz to it.

Photo by via pinterest (CC0)
Photo by via pinterest (CC0) | Source

30:45 - YEP. Female croon, piano (cozy and fluffy), and notice the trumpets. Wait for the flamenco guitar....35:25 - SKAT stylez, Chicago house and jackin' flavaz. Female bop croon, stompin' piano lick. 38:55 - Sax with light, club bounce buttons. 41:55 - DREAMY. Male croon, notice the one-chord piano strike. 45:25 - WHEW MAN....LOVELY!!!!!!! Female vocal hook, LARGE flutter melody with sax accompaniment. 48:15 - SNEAKY GOOD. Female vocal chant, encircling (gold tone) keys and bassline.

Photo by Holger via flickr (CC0)
Photo by Holger via flickr (CC0) | Source

54:15 - Coda....male and female croon, slow swirling synth.

  • Overview—Jazzy house headz that want those vibez with a little somethin' extra will dig this ride. The soulful and Chicago house elements nicely meshed with the opulent melodies throughout. With or without a fireplace, the piece gives you warm and cozy vibez. (55 mins 34 secs - Fireplace & gold tones)

  • Please follow me on Facebook @ Armando Real & look for the clear soda bubbles profile pic.

© 2019 Sy


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