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Updated on January 26, 2017

You're on my lips, and in my clothes. You're in my thoughts all day long, no one knows. You are in my face every day, you are in my eyes. Together, time feels as endless as the ticking hands of a clock, and as fleeting as sand through my fingers. Face to face, hand in hand, skin to skin, perfection. Gazing into one another. Two precious stones, dark verdant beauty, blind my thoughts, crash into my soul, pierce my heart. It began to beat for the first time at that moment. I see you walk with your lithe grace, unaware of the beauty which radiates from you as soft and sweet as autumn moonlight. I ache for you. Your smell, your touch, your velvet lips, two rose petals grazing mine, your tongue, your hands on me, my hands on you...your taste... your soft moans.

I couldn't help but fall into your Caribbean sea of green, and I swam around with you. Living on an island of ignorant bliss, we never saw the storm clouds gathering. Instead we kissed hard.

Then it was over, a half smoked cigarette stamped out with the other butts of regret in my ashtray of the past. Unfinished.


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    • CM Sullivan profile image

      CM Sullivan 4 weeks ago from California

      Thank you Tiffany! ;)

    • Tiffany Steele profile image

      Tiffany Steele 4 weeks ago

      Such a good read