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Amazing Poetry From the Heart

Updated on May 31, 2019
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Claudette Carter specializes in conducting free home Bible lessons where she teaches others how to love God and your fellow man like Jesus.

The poem, "Mommy Sleeps Endlessly" is dedicated to Carol Graham and her sons Jared and Jaleel. Carol, died a few years ago and family and friends miss her dearl

Verses From The Heart

#Mommy Sleeps Endlessly

Melancholy controls my dreams

as I see you there

lying straight-backed

devoid of life's wetness

An ##embryo within you was my origin,

this retention is mine for

wakefulness resides no longer.

Oblivious my state remains.

I clawed the glass box

that holds your torso

sleeping upon satin pillows.

An isolated escape into our memories,

you never enlisted.

The realization that they were

no longer ours but mine.

I dangle from the tightrope

threatened by your sedated breath.

The #Entity

Pointed roofs, snow covered

smoke seeps from distant brick structures

transmigration of light shines

never comparable to your glorious #white beauty,

for it is temporary

I will awake and see you no more

as sunlit waves penetrate you.

I walk about in my glass box

attempting to capture your magnificence

in print and sight

Oaks standing tall among a variety of creatures.

I write by moonlight

so surreal and splendid.

#Seductress, you are as the cold envelopes me

through your slender, bent, crooked,

firm, diseased, yet strong nature.

Upon His Chest

Soothingly, I abide

love entangles my heart.

No utterances shared,

awake I cannot be.

My head heavily upon his chest,

#fragrance of midnight breath,

joyously fill my nostrils, yet I remain.

Lingering, solitude fulfills me,

flashes of #salvation.

Only death could pluck me

from the midst of pure ecstacy.

If expiration is inevitable,

let this be my #burial place.

Angelladywriter, author of these poems.
Angelladywriter, author of these poems.
My poem The Entity, is about a beautiful snowy day when our electricity went out and I wrote this poem by the moonlight.
My poem The Entity, is about a beautiful snowy day when our electricity went out and I wrote this poem by the moonlight. | Source
My husband Walker, the source of my inspiration for "Upon His Chest."
My husband Walker, the source of my inspiration for "Upon His Chest."


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    • Kim Lynn profile image

      Kim Lynn 

      8 years ago

      Stunning prose! Beautiful and intriguing.




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