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A Lasting Friendship: Poem

Updated on December 10, 2012

There's not many people I can call a friend

because their action speaks louder than words,

They smile in my face over and over again,

Girl please! Save that fake stuff for the birds!

However, you accept me for who I am,

You never tried to change me,

You're there when I'm in a jam,

Your kind words give me a reason to breathe.

It's true we've had differences in the past,

I've never said our friendship was perfect,

But being forgiving is what makes a friendship last,

And being sincere makes it all worth it.

I'm proud to call you a friend of mine,

And I'll stick with you 'til the end of time.


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    • Bettyoverstreet10 profile image

      Betty (Alawine) Overstreet 5 years ago from Vacaville, Ca.

      enjoyed your poem about the friendships of life. It also reminded me of my friends of the past. Keep working toward your goal!

    • Hope2321 profile image

      Shannon Urlich 5 years ago from Australia, Adelaide

      Your poem reminds me of a phrase i went through in Highschool. There were times when I felt like a social outcast and I only had two best friends. Those friends of mine (mind you im 21 now) still keep in contact with me even till this day. We go through hell and back, we hardly bicker but debate lol.

      Anyhow, thank you for your poem. Its reminded me of when my friends always stuck their neck out for me :)