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A Letter To My Doughter

Updated on August 26, 2012

On Your 12th Birthday 8/26/2012

Dear Jade,

When you where born my world changed. You open my eyes and heart to a new world. I had no idea I could possibly love someone as much as I love you. I couldn't believe that I'd be so lucky to have a daughter. You where such a easy baby, Your first year speed by. I'm So proud of you Jade.


Jade I want the best for you. I want you to be happy. As you grow and find your grace and form your view of the world. I always remember. If you want something never let anything get in the way of getting it. I have told you this since you where born. Never let someone tell you no you can not do it, never let someone tell you that you wont make it. Because Jade you will, those people who tell you these things just say them because they could not do it.

Baby girl dream big then go for it! Your mom is here you cheer you on and support you. Even if you fail get up and go for it again. If you get up every time you fall down you will make your dream come true.


While you’re dreaming big, also be sure to live in the here and now. Enjoy the present because before you know it, it’ll be the past. Do not wish to grow up so fast. You are only young once and it will run right past you. You do not have settle down anytime soon. Enjoy your time with your friends, enjoy school, and have the time of your life baby girl. There is plenty of time to get a job, to get a husbands and have kids. Right now enjoy your time in your youth.


Learn to be happy with what you have, and remember life is a journey, not a competition. Don’t waste the journey trying to outdo others. As long as you got what you need and you are happy then that is what matters. There is more important things in this life then who has the coolest shoes.

Do not worry what others think. If you feel your head with what others say you will never become what you want to be but only want they want you to be. You will have a hard time with this over the next few years, But trust me JD girl it dose not matter when you grown up what someone thinks of you to day at school. Keep in mind some kids are just mean and no matter what baby girl they will not be happy. YOU ARE GROUSES, SO VERY SMART, AND SUCH A GOOD PERSON. DO NOT LET THEM CHANGE YOU. They are not worth it I promises. Don’t waste time trying to please everyone. You can’t. Some people just won’t come around. Some people won’t like you just because of the way you look. It’s not right, but know that you’re better than that. Try to see the good in them still.


Jade, You’ll have to make your own mistakes, and I can’t make you learn from mine, but I will try to guide you in the right direction. When you mess up, never be afraid to call me. I will am here for you. Always.

When you are much much older and fall in love look for a person that treats you like the princess you are. the person who earns your heart should love you for your beauty inside. Do not settle for anything less. Because that person is out there for you. It's likely that someday, someone will break your heart, \ When they do, call your Mom so she can go after them with a baseball bat. and remember that the heart break will go away, and that the reason it happened is to lead you to the road to find the love your life, and they person who broke your heart was not it.


I want you to know that obstacles in your path, those are the things that define you. The way you use your grace to overcome, learn and grow from things that unexpectedly happen, that is what makes you you.

You are, and will be you as a strong, fearless, independent woman. Do not live your life under a shroud of fear. Fears and worries will get you nowhere.Stand tall and stand strong and let the world know that you are not afraid.

Every day, you and your brothers, you make me proud. you are my world. and no matter what Jade I will always love you. No matter you do, where life leads you, nothing in the world will ever change that.

Love you always

Your Mother


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