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THE List of Post-Apocalyptic Books

Updated on April 26, 2014

It is the end of the world as we know it.

Apocalypse books and movies are nothing new. They have been around since time memorial and stories of the looming apocalypse are as ancient as the Bible. Prophets, seer's, you name it, fictional tales and end of the universe predictions have been great business for as far back as you check on recorded history. Post-apocalyptic books are in a category of science fiction; this is definable as a genre of its own. Authors dream up different ways in which characters can die and their survivors survive. Some of the best known writers have often gone off their normal output of feminist literature or crime novels or thrillers, to try their hand at post apocalyptic books.

Every year that goes by, more and more readers become fans of the post apocalyptic genre of books, TV series and movies. Readers and viewers just cannot get enough of stories about the end of civilization and society. Is it because such people are lunatics, and hell bent on wishing that the whole world would come crumbling down, or is it something more? Below are a few examples, post-apocalyptic books although there are many other good examples.

Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah

Dream Caster starts out with the main character Weaver, a foreign boy who is the first and only person surviving in an aftermath-apocalyptic world. Weaver lives in a small village and sadly has had the worse luck in his rescuer. This story in the post-apocalyptic book has the dystopian feel along with some fantasy elements. Reading about this new world is very fascinating.

Twilight of Briareus by Richard Cowpers

It is an odd little British sci-fi classic which follows the effects of super novae on human life. The super novae are preventing women from getting pregnant, while sending the whole world into an ice age. Any post-apocalyptic book enthusiast will enjoy this post apocalyptic literature where the writers discuss the celestial events and effects of disasters affecting human history.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This book is challenging, a little depressing, but in general compelling. The book follows another apocalyptic ending, where the whole world is consumed by fire. The book was hailed by environment lovers as a take illustrating what will happen to human if we do not prevent climate change, though Cormac does not tells us what caused the disasters. The story has 2 survivors, a father and son who go off south looking for a warmer climate for them to survive, while avoiding various threats gangs like cannibals.

Honestly, those are great books that are hard to beat. You gotta dig. I can only list so many here. Check out Goodreads for the best lists and check out Amazon to find the best in the genre.

Post-apocalyptic books do not necessarily have to kill billions of people in order to hit this niche genre. Sometimes, just a few people die. The mystery is why. Nothing quite puts our lives into perspective like the stories in post-apocalyptic books. These stories in the end make people reach deep within themselves and judge their own short comings and capabilities. Many readers become interested in survival skills from the post-apocalyptic fiction. Whatever it is specifically which motivates each reader to become interested in this genre, it is here to stay. Are you interested in knowing more about end of civilization and society? Check on the above post-apocalyptic books and much more.

For your next book come take a look at a bigger list of post-apocalyptic fiction.



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