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A Little Remark That Made a Difference: a Poem

Updated on August 9, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

I used to have a neighbor, now dead, his soul be blessed

his last decades he spent complaining and being a jerk

the dude was always worried and overly stressed

and I never saw his laughter go better than a smirk.

We had a routine at those rare running into each other

exchanging neighborly niceties before his usual rant

to inspire something good in him I wouldn't really bother

till a day when what I blurted stopped his negative chant.

With a shrug I said how we don't know how life could be hurting

and only a visit to a hospital could show us extremes of pain

then he just nodded, changed subject, as if ignored my blurting

while I thought how my words merely went down the drain.

But then I got surprised the next time when we met

his bad knees as usual keeping that frown on his face

but instead of ranting and all that nervous fret

he said he was fine with a passing smile almost in a grace.

Then he said how he hadn't been able to shake off my saying

about visiting hospital to face all those in true pain

and he thanked me with a voice almost like in a praying

and no one ever heard that man complain again.


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    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 6 days ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Hi Val, I really enjoyed that poem. It was very inspiring. I know a lot of people who could benefit from reading it. Thanks for sharing your story/poem.

      Blessings to you.