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A Look at China's Changing Culture Through Fiction: Candy by Mian Mian

Updated on December 30, 2014

A Great Read For Anyone Interested in Modern China

China is a very fast-paced country and its culture is no exception. Although this is a fiction novel, it is an excellent look into the sometimes troubling scene that Chinese teenagers are growing up in. This a story that follows a young girl on her journey into adulthood in modern China. She falls in with the art scene and goes through tumultuous relationships. This book does an excellent job of challenging the stereotypical notion that all Chinese teens spend their days innocently working diligently on their schoolwork. It exposes the real China and its blossoming underground social movement.

Not a Children's Book

Candy does a good job of not glossing over some of the ugly truths about China's modern youth. This book is an excellent read for college student studying China.


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