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A Lost Romance

Updated on August 11, 2014

I look up at the dull night sky ,

The midnight has just set in…

The new moon greets with its tired wings ,

And I can’t guess the song it sings

But I feel a kiss , oh! I know I gonna miss

The mid — winter dreams of my fifteen…


I try to reach the stars above,

And feel my shatter’d soul within…

The comets still tear past the eastern sky,

Glowin’ for one last time before they die,

I wish I could save , the good-byes that they wave

Like the dead hopes of my fifteen…


O flow back you times , you magic times,

My sweet wonderland tales…

I know the smell of her silky hair ,

And surely it’s a no compare,

To the songs of the rain , to the tears of the pain

To the lullabies of my fifteen’s angels…


The distant moon smiles at me,

Sends a soothin’ breeze which fails

To steal the smoke off my eyes ,

Yet it holds my hand , calls me to rise

“ No…I can’t! It’s not YOU that I want! ”

Still can’t shake off the ashes of the angels!


Unknown it was , now more it is…

Yes I know it’ll always be this way

Why I love the nights and hate the days

What the new moon points at me and says…

Guess it calls to dance to the lost romance ,

And to be a fifteen again…just for today!

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