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A Love Song

Updated on November 14, 2016

Verse 1

The lobby is already filled with a thong

Bring to my presence the vocal gong

That I may convey my love in local song

With lyrics prepared in native tongue

Verse 2

Let the gangan drum take the lead voice

As the dancer take her dance poise

Let the song be raised in a loud noise

At the entry of the lady of my choice

Love song

Verse 3

Take in the depth of its lyrical lines

Sop up the warmth of its love filled rhymes

Its sparkle is evergreen like the pines

Its intoxication is stronger than the local wines

Verse 4

My love song to an indefinite lover

A lyrical piece that will breathe forever

A love string with the torrent of a river

Has the strength to pull at hearts like a lever


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