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A Meadow of Memories

Updated on September 19, 2015

In the middle of a meadow

Dawn breaks

Morning wind whispers

And the playful actions my shadow makes


I've ran away

Walked without wanting to wish

Wondering with each step what I will miss

Long strands of grass

Softly touch my skin

Trickling and murmuring

Their strands like satin against the scars of where it began

I touch their stems and

Close my eyes

Feel the air, the ground, the day

In the middle of a meadow I have ran away

My hair softly soars in the sky of freedom

Each strand lifts higher

Higher, lifting, reaching

Hair blows like branches of the trees of the season

My body a trunk

Scarred with age and wisdom

The forest, the meadow

My mind a parallel prism

Out here

Its transparency enough to escape

The prison from which I ran from

Glowing rays of sunlight hit the Earth,

The field, my face

Warmth, life, wonder and grace

My body moves

Slowly dancing with wind and light

The meadow watches me

Its lush green audience holds me in sight

Fingers dance with grass and flowers

The rhythm of perpetual beginning

Leading one step from another

I dance across the field

Freed from fears

My body light

Floating with sunlight

As I dance

My skin is bathed in tears I weep

Poison that's absorbed by the dirt at my feet

Toes curl into cold softness

Playfully, perhaps

Yet doused in sadness

A burning emotion not yet defined

The sun slowly rises

As I'm smitten by this day

In the middle of a meadow I have ran away

No sound

Yet so loud

Wind picks up the grief that I've expelled

Showering the Earth

With a gentle touch

In a meadow glowing with the life

Of natures paintbrush

Hues and shades

Colors dance across my vision

Awakening a numb blindness

In which I reside

Time and restrictions need not apply

Out here

Within grass and trees

Freedom lifts my mind and flies

Like the feathers of above

Floating down

Thoughts recede

Sunshine now wraps around me


Silently I breathe


Not a word to relay

In the middle of a meadow I have found my way


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