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A Menagerie of Minds

Updated on December 18, 2015

Use your vulcan mind meld, spock! its our only hope!

Here come old flat top, he come grooving out slowly. He got joo joo eye ball, he one holy roller, he got hair down to his knee, got to be a joker he just do what he please. - The Beatles, Come Together

Yes, coming together is one of many keys on a chain of several crucial things one can test out and see how well it works for them. Collaboration is paramount to staying fresh and new and avoiding that steep and slippery road into stagnation creek. Nobody want's to be perceived as a wash up or unoriginal. It's apparently not too frowned on, i hate to think ,but with now and day's drought and lack of main content to deliver new, fresh thought provoking content, what eles is one left to think or feel?

i unfortunately, do not possess any vulcan heritage (it pains me to admit this) so my mind meld is a tad spotty which requires a bit more effort than lucky ol' Mr Spock but for a great story line to be great, there must be a tale behind it of some sort or at least origin of the creators subconscious.

Ms Paint + Random Pictures= Remixes of Old Faves or a New Perspective on Others

its just little old me folks, no need to panic...
its just little old me folks, no need to panic... | Source
boo! give me all your left shoes!
boo! give me all your left shoes! | Source

Trying to Reinvent the Wheel Can Require Both Balls of Solid Gold and a Heart Which Drags the Ground.

PANIC!!!! | Source

Give a man a story, he'll write for a day. Teach him to see the story in eveything for himself and he'll entertain us for years

Sure, i could chat with my neighbor and take the stories he tell's to me about his busy morning and turn it into a brief tale or so but to really make something your own and give it a feeling of being cared for, you need more than some ones errand list and point blank itinerary. you as an artist and a creative muse must coax the story from the facts and play around in your mental construction set to give depth and excitement, heck, even plot line's that will hold a captive audience.

how do you come up with your main material?

how do you come up with your main material?

See results

A good place to start is...

I find amazon to be a reliable source for guides on crafting material and for finding those odd little items that spur creativity and inspire me to push for that next breakthrough.

© 2014 michael g


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