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A Mesh of Tainted Souls

Updated on May 24, 2014

A Mesh of Tainted Souls:

Finger tips that yearn to touch the guilty sky above crumble in fear as the sun drowns its crystal glass of wine which is mahogany in color. Terrified, the hand trembles as the night descends its ivory throne and decides to bestow its blessings to the miserable spirits that have gathered since early hours at the steps of its throne.

And it all begins [……]

A masquerade of vessels that are so empty they give birth to a new definition for the word void. Yet, their spawn is that of nothing but evil, nothing more glorious than tainted mud, with nothing worth commemorating or reminiscing about when life fades. Their life has been void as they passed life paralyzed by its mysterious forces. And thus, they are born, remain, and die, buried in the hole they had dug by their own miserable hands.

Drifting, aimlessly without a pint of pride, they are lead in a robotic manner with monotonic, coherent and synchronous breaths that exhale fear and disdain into the thick atmosphere. Walking like sheep heading to the slaughtering house, they remain empty waiting for the hammer of justice to descend. Miserable from the outside up to the very core, the herd of sheep among a pack of blood thirsty wolves remains shackled by all four by their blind beliefs and fears.

Pupils, tarnished with shame, guilt, and weakness, stare into the bleak darkness waiting for fate to unfold. Severing what remains of their humanity, they walk silent as they are lead into the dining hall.

Those granite eyes, void and lacking, see no hope, no horizon past the mesh of darkness that has surrounded their being and numbed all their sense of reason. Somehow, they remain tarnished with fear, just like tainted glass.

With her mask she walks past these voids. As she pities their existence or the lack of it, she walks and rises to take her rightful place on this God forsaken land.... Thus, she rises and settles at the front line, burying herself into the mesh of darkness that extends beyond her field of vision. Staring at the shackles on both her wrists, ankles and around her neck, she takes her earned position and sinks into the mesh that absorbs all and renders everything void.


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