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A Modern Day Dodger.

Updated on January 16, 2010


A Modern Day Dodger.    

Child of the streets,
selling his flesh
like girl scout cookies,
hiding in his most
uncomfortable niche,
taking just a breather
between the hustles.
falling  daily, nightly,
between the various cracks
the drug peddlers offer.
Somebodies baby,
grown up far too fast,
just another runaway,
stuck in the slow motion
of his warped life.
Girls used to be his dream,
but men support the times
he must be awake,
his world is horizontal now,
from his once upright existence.
One of thousands,
catering to the perverted,
genuflecting to lesser gods.
His prom is a back alley,
his classroom a backseat,
and there is no going back.
he carries the
weight of an ugly world
in his hip pockets,
and tries nightly to
simply shrug it off.
He'll most likely wind up
face down in a dumpster,
the victim of a psycho,
who seeks out the fragile
vessels of youth
in which to drain
any hope that remains

in a cold blooded quenching,
of a most violent lust.



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