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Father And Daughter Reunite

Updated on September 15, 2011

Father And Daughter Reunite

One day after I came back home from work, my mother asked me to cook her noodle. I put my stuff away, wash my hand and cook noodle for her. At the time, my mother was 7 ½ month pregnant. She has a couple of week left before she was going on her 8th month pregnancy. After cooking noodle for my mother, my mother started to eat and she enjoy them very much. She told me that I cook the best noodle ever! I smiled because I was very happy. Then a few minute after my mother finish eating, my mother was going through labor. It was an early labor therefore I called for help. They rushed my mother to the hospital and found out that my mother has stone in her gallbladder. My dad blame me for trying to kill my mom.
I remember how my dad call me a murder, a killer, a demon, a brat that came from hell. He was saying so much to me that my heart ache. I know longer feel like moving my feet…my heart stop and skip few beats. I was very overwhelmed with his blame and I did everything I could to fix that. I remember growing up and being taught by my Buddhist monk teacher that, if you tie a knot, you are the one to untie them. Therefore, I try to fix everything. I stayed in the hospital with my mother looking after her while she’s in the hospital. She was still in the Labor and Delivery room. The doctor don’t want my mother to deliver the baby yet because she’s not due yet. My mother was going through contraction and many other pains as well. My mother got up in the middle of the night vomiting green vomits and some little stone came out from her mouth. I rushed to grab a bucket and let her vomit in it. I clean after all her messed that she made.
The nurses was very sad that I have to go through so much such a young age, walking to school, coming back from school taking care of my mother and then staying up very late. That time I was still in middle school and it was too much that my heart could take, I decided to drop out but sometime I refuse and still go to class. My teacher found out that I was falling very behind in class and she asked me to stay after class for a talk. I stayed after class with her and she asked me what wrong? Why am I not doing homework? Most of my homework that I turn in, look like I just rush through it and fill in wrong answer. I told my teacher, I’m sorry…and will try to fix everything. My teacher said, don’t be sorry, but if your not telling me what is going on how can I help you? I can’t read your mind.

I suddenly crash and start crying. I told her…my mom is in the hospital. I cook noodle for my mother and then all of a sudden she was going through labor and we found out that she has stone in her gallbladder and my dad call me a murder. Blaming everything on me and I’m not getting enough sleep and homework is too much, everything is too much! Mrs. Baker, I can’t take it anymore, I’m tired…I’m tired….shedding many tears while I speak.

My teacher came over to hug me and I cried on her shoulder. I tell her that I quit, I give up…I just want my mom back. She rub my back and hug me and tell me that she will do all she can to help me. After talking to my teacher, my teacher did everything she could to help me pass the class and graduate from 7th grade to 8th grade. I tumble and fall along the way but she was the one that brought me back to my feet.

My mother was in the hospital continue vomiting, going through pain the same pain and my fear was I might lose my baby sister. I bathe her in bed, dumping her urine, cleaning her vomit, changing her diaper, changing her clothe and bed. I don’t want the C.N.A. to do it because I don’t trust them. Therefore, I do everything myself. My older sister doesn’t like to be in the hospital and doesn’t like to get her hand dirty, therefore she stay home with my dad.

One time I decided to go home, my dad add so much pressure on me. He say, “Here comes the murder! Don’t let her eat any of my food. She’s not my daughter.” I went to my room and hit my head on the wall. I started to cry, hitting my head on the wall continuously. I fell back against the wall crying pulling my own hair. My sister came in my room and rub my back. I turn to hug my sister and cry on her shoulder. I told my sister that I didn’t mean to do it, I don’t know what I did. Why dad blaming me? Asking my sister as tears falling from my eyes. My sister went to the kitchen and grab rice for me, my dad found out and threw the plate of rice on the floor. The plate and rice fell everywhere on the floor and he say, “Do not let that demon eat my food! She is not my daughter, she is from hell! That sudden of a bitch that want to kill my wife!” I heard everything my dad was saying and I ran in my room close the door shut tight, rushed in the bathroom and started to cry. I sat there leaning against the wall hitting the floor with my fist and banging the back of my head against the wall.

My heart was aching, too much my heart can handle, I grab a razor from the cabinet and cut my wrist. My blood drool on fist as I sat there letting it spill. I turn on a warm water and undress myself. I took a warm shower to ease my pain. My blood mixed with the water as it float into the drain. After getting out, I wrap bandage around my wrist acting like nothing happen. My sister saw a white bandage wrapped around my wrist and asked me what happen? I told her nothing and walk away.

I walked to work and out from work I went the hospital taking care of my mother. I hide my injury and my pain so my mom won’t see. Giving her fake smile…so she won’t worry. The doctor than came to me and tell me that its time that she can give birth now. My mother then started to go through labor and gave birth to my baby sister at 6:45am August 26th.

I watched my mother gave birth to my sister and every pushed she struggle. Her last push, my baby sister came out and my mother hit head against the pillow and her heart stop. They found that my mother was going through a heart attack while giving birth and still don’t know how that could ever happen. The doctor resuscitate my mother and brought her back to life.

My mother lost in coma while my baby sister was taking into pediatric room. I called my sister to tell my dad that mom gave birth but mom now is in coma. My dad was very mad, stress, upset…call me a killer…again. I cried in the hospital alone and the nurse came over to rub my back. She asked me if I’m okay…I told her I’m fine and walk away.
I lay my head by my mother side as tears falling. I fell half asleep for a while…then I felt someone stroking my hair. I didn’t want to get up after I heard my dad voice. I heard my dad saying, “Honey…I’m sorry…well you ever forgive this one dad of yours? I’m sorry that you have to go through this. My stupidity, my anger…everything was controlling me that I did not know you were hurt.” My dad saw blood appear from my bandage on the wrist and found out that I cut myself. My dad fell to his knee and cried. For the first time ever in my life that I hear my dad cry. Tears started to develop as I still closing my eyes not letting my dad know that I heard what he was saying. I pretend to sleep as my dad continue to stroke my hair. He lift my hand and touched my injury…he kiss my head and continue say he’s sorry. He then went to my mother and kiss his wife and tell her that he had been a bad father. He should never be a father to any child…he is very sorry and should be punished. He hug my mother and then…my dad walked out from the room and I got up crying. I ran out of the room and called my dad, “Dad!” and ran to my father arm. We both were in the middle of the hospital hallway crying and hugging each other tight. The nurses and doctor leave us for a lone time…


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi ThePelton, this sound like my father, he doesn't appreciate what I had become. You are right, when death is about to come, they change and try to fix it. But sometime the pain linger on too much that it is really hard to change. I am sorry about the death of your brother. I wish you the best in life and God bless you! :)

    • ThePelton profile image

      ThePelton 6 years ago from Martinsburg, WV USA

      I had a strained relationship with my Father for most of our lives together. He didn't like what I had become, and I didn't like what he thought I should be. Our lives continued on like that until two things happened. My older Brother Lewis died suddenly in a car accident, and about the same time, Father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Father then realized that he could die, and not have any of us interested in being there to wish him goodbye at the end. In short, he could very well have died as a lonely old man.

      After those two shocks, he tried to make up for a lifetime of being cold and distant, and I realize now that he really was trying but didn't really know how to befriend his remaining children.

      There's no manual for how to fix this, and it might vary from one family to another, but being too proud to talk to your Father or Son can seem pretty stupid if there's no way to fix it. And death does that.