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A Moment of Time

Updated on June 7, 2013

Jars of Clay/Love Song for a Savior

In a moment of time

In plain view to see

Fields of green grasses grew

As they sang out to me

How did they know the words

A fainting heart longed to hear

And in that moment of time

There was no longer care

For my feet thought of dancing

Amid the flowers so wild

And the heartbeat so tired

Felt like that of a child

Oh the feel of the sun

Embraced the bitter and cold

And in that moment of time

A fearful heart became bold

What bliss and what promise

Could it really be true

Said the skeptic inside

Happy endings are few

But for once arose challenge

In arms that would not let go

And in that moment of time

Freedom was mine to know

Many seasons would pass

Before truth came to light

The fields of green grasses held

A most beautiful sight

It was the love of my Savior

Beckoning me all along

In that moment of time

My heart first heard His song...

Lisa Patricoff 2009


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