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A Most Fragile Drink.

Updated on April 5, 2010

A Most Fragile Drink.

The golden chalice
stretches skyward
seeking to catch
the precious nectar
of morning dew.

the first daffodil of spring

graces the path

beside my house

trumpeting all the

joy to come.

soon tulips will bend

beside them

for a most

fragile drink.


As winter croaks

it's last cold howl

spring crocuses

gently bow

in lavender

and pale

yellow skirts

swirling upside

down in the

warm sunny breeze.


The sugary sweet

smell of fresh cut

grass is always

a reminder of

the perfumes

of this season,

and soon

trees will turn

green with eny

at the patchwork

of colors below.


I need a kite,

to make it all right

a paper sail like

when I was young

a tether to the heavens

that lifts my spirits

and sends them

spiraling in joyous

circles much like

the devils paintbrush

not yet bloomed.


I used to love

to loop helium ballons

around a kite string

and send up

a rainbow of colors

to the skies.


But I am older now,

as i settle the firm

half balloons

of my buttocks

into a hammock

and pop open

a Bud light

tasting the

refreshing barley

and hops of another

growing season long gone.


Much like the

light green buds

that pop open all around me

as their thirsty shoots

reach skyward

in hopes of spring rains.


Mayflys dance on

the warm currents

their lives brief

but so beautiful

yet they have no worry

about their brevity

they simply enjoy the

rush of life granted

when they hatched.


Soon enough I

close my eyes

and dream

becoming part

of an idyllic scene,

just another

blur of color

blending into

what was once

so drab to all the

cars that whiz by

just a half acre away

on a incredible Mayday

that holds no cry for help

but rather a sigh

of sheer relief.




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