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A Mother Heart Cry's out To Her Daughter: A Grandmothers Prayer for her Grandchildren

Updated on April 12, 2016
Renata Kell profile image

Renata has had a blessed life as a mother and wife working side by side with her husband in property management and construction

Tears from my heart

Daughter Please Hear A Mothers Cry From her Heart

Daughter I wish there where an easier way to tell you the things for I know that you are blind and surely do not see

Daughter your heart is so kind, and your soul is so bright, but this boy you are with is draining out your light

Daughter you have been hurt and you have been used, he has messed up your mind with words that abuse

Daughter you are so special and someday I hope that you will find, a love that is true and perfectly kind

Daughter you are being controlled and you are loosing your mind.

Daughter he is not good and he is not right, he is not the man you dreamed of as a child at night

Daughter he has played you and trained you and you always forgive, he is never wrong and you think this is how you have to live

Daughter you say "he loves me" or "I love him", but neither of you know what love really is


Daughter he is selfish right down to the core, I wish for your sake he'd walk out the door

Daughter what has he done for you? , What will he do for you? Why does he always make you cry?

Daughter the people who love you with all of their hearts, will always be here when it all falls apart.

Daughter just because he does not hit you doesn't mean he cant hurt you.

Daughter he has made you loose your way, he has made you doubt yourself day after day

Daughter he will cost you your daughter's respect, for disrespect is all she will see,

"how will I respect a mommy who will choose him over me?",

Daughter he gets angry over every little thing, why would he want you to feel the way that you do ,Like everything's your fault , it is all because of you?

Daughter I would never lie to you and lead you wrong, I tell you these things in fear of loosing you, down this road that you do not belong

Daughter I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, you are lost and clinging to hope, hope that he will change and hope that you are right.

Daughter I'm sorry tell you that he's making sure you loose this fight

Daughter you are so confused yet in your own words you know it is true

Daughter he will not wake up one day and be brand new, it's been four years now and never once has he put himself after you

He is a selfish little boy who needs a mommy, not you. Someone to do what ever he wants them to do.

Never giving a thought to your needs, he is so tiny and full of himself and ruthless greed

Daughter I cry at night for your pain you feel , I cry during the day for the hurt in your eyes, I cry from my heart that you believe all his lies

Daughter you have a daughter of your own and she watches your pain

Daughter don't be afraid he is not your soulmate, but your soulmate awaits.

Daughter you will never be alone, your fear of doing wrong is what weighs on your heart, but your daughters future is the place you should start

Daughter you are so beautiful and your heart is so' good, do not wast another day with someone who will never love you like he should.

Daughter the hardest part of doing right is the pain of knowing it will take some time.

Daughter you are worth so much more than he will ever be willing to give, how long do you want to waste this life that God wants you to live

Daughter your true happiness is on the line , please don't let this man take the daughter that is mine.

As I sit here with tears flowing I know that you are strong and wise and that someday you will realize, A mother cry from the heart is good and true and you too have a mother's heart and a daughter too.

Daughter Love is not supposed to hurt every day, Love is supposed to be give and take, Love is real when you have no doubts, Love is not just words that you say, Love is the actions you take everyday, Love is not doing and giving all of yourself away, Love is something that everyone can see, Love is not hidden and Love is not fought, Love is something that everyone else sees and wants, Love is so powerful it always overcomes, Love is not forced it is natural and fun, Love is not something you have to explain, Love is shown on your face everyday, Love is not what you have but what you will gain, Love is a two way street and not a one way dead end road, Love is not what you have I'm sorry to say, Loving him too long will surely break you some day.

Grandma's Prayers

Dear Lord I say a prayer to you for all eternity

I pray for my Grandchildren every night and day

I pray for them to have your light guide the way

I pray for them to teach their parents who may stray

I pray that they know long after I am gone

I always held them in my arms with a love so strong

I pray for my grandchildren to be humble and kind

I pray for my grandchildren that true love they will find

I pray for my grandchildren to always do their best

I pray for them to know the true meaning of success

I pray for my children who will love them and pray

Please carry them through the hardest of days

I pray that this life treats them good and fair

I pray that someone will always be there to care

I pray for the simple things in life that are good

I pray for their family, their fun, and their food

I pray they know the difference in life's mighty fight

The one that is wrong and the one that is right

I pray that your angles wrap them in their wings so tight

I pray that you check on them every single night

I pray that my children will have good things to say

When my grandchildren ask "who are they"

For I know that Grandma and Grandpa will not be here as long

But our hearts will always sing them a goodnight song

I pray that our grandchildren will know your love

And someday we will all celebrate in heaven above.

Dear Lord I pray please teach them your way

and that anything is possible every single day

With the Lord on your side, and the bible to guide

This journey we call life will be a much smoother ride

Let their struggle be few and their hearts be true

Let your love shelter them from above as I know you will do

Dear Lord please protect my grandchildren

From the darkness that exists

Protect them from evil that threatens and destroys

Let them learn how to be God loving girls and boys

Our father above please help them grow and teach

Their own children and grandchildren to the heavens we reach

Thank you Lord, will never be enough,

My husband and I came from a place of no good

You saved us with your love like only God could

You gave us the world and only the best

We know you will continue long after they lay us to rest


Our Hearts , What a funny concept

We often think of our hearts being too fragile, but in all reality our hearts are so strong.

Our hearts keep beating after many injuries, regardless of how much it hurts we get up and move on.

Take for example a family who suffers from great loss such as a child, parent, or grandparent, passing, how about a family who suffers from all those great losses in one moment of time.

Our hearts would be expected to quite and never tick again, yet we continue on this planet as though some great hand is holding our heart and pumping it over and over.

Then there is the family that witnesses abuse on such a great scale that following the trail to the beginning sends the heart on a journey through decades of men and women suffering from nightmares and lack of trust for generations to come.

Our hearts pump the blood that provides the life that allows us to dedicated our souls to fixing the past and making a new future

When drugs and alcohol ravage a persons soul and invade the body the heart still beats and gives us so many chances to change and stop the destructive behavior

Our hearts are still vulnerable, we can injure them with too many pills or eating too many fatty foods, but we will never kill our hearts by letting them feel pain.

One too many drinks or one blow to the heart in a crash can stop our heart, and when all hope is gone modern medicine and miracles from above provide our heart with a few more beats

The pain of life and living can make us think for a brief moment that we wish our heart would stop beating but the pain of living will never stop our heart.

Our hearts are so strong that we can be stranded in battle and tortured for months or years enduring relentless physical and mental pain and yet it continues to beat and we find our way home to tell our story of survival.

Our hearts will never lead us wrong when we listen to it and it will never leave us when the going gets tough, our hearts are permanently programmed for our needs

We can remove our hearts and watch it beat in someone else's hands as they repair a whole or an injury but when it returns to our body it is the same old heart beating the same old tune

Our heart is willing to beat in someone else body when ours no longer needs it, but as we all know, not every heart will work in any body, I guess that the heart needs a body that beats to the same rhythm as the original owner

We can have heart attacks and die or we can heart attacks and live but we will never have a heart that quits. It may stop but it will pump until the Lord calls us home.

In our final moments the things in our heart will continue to be the things that our heart have been telling us for or whole life.

Our hearts will conquer a mountain and surf the ocean, it will take us to places that we can only imagine, but it will never leave us stranded and alone

Our heart will work hard for us and take abuse for us and never leave us, it stays even when we ignore it and starve it. Its always there in our chest waiting on us to pay attention.

No matter how much we forget to take care of our heart and treat it right our heart stays and endures our neglect

We need our hearts in our chest to pump blood and we need our hearts to feel for us, we find more and more happiness the more we listen to our heart beating that familiar sound.

No matter how many times we try to turn off our heart and feel nothing our heart will always beat that same old sound and sooner or later we begin to feel again.

I hope you have figured out that I am poking a lot of fun at so many people who blame a broken heart for giving up. A broken heart will heal and using it as an excuse to stop living is so shameful. We have all had a broken heart in one way or another but the people who move forward will always tell you that without a little pain you can never truly feel happiness . We can justify being scared but we can not justify giving up or settling for something that is so wrong by saying "my heart got broken too many times". Maybe that's why we get so many broken hearts we stop believing and we stop listening to the rhythm we know we are supposed to be dancing too. Broken hearts hurt but taking the time to heal them makes them stronger and living is so much better than walking through life missing out on all the happiness that is also felt by our hearts.

© 2016 Renata Kell


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