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Ulfolding the Mystery of Dragonflies

Updated on June 24, 2018
James September profile image

James September is a licensed teacher and freelance writer. He obtained his Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language in 2012.

I know about fairies. Tinker Bell, Fawn, and other Disney fairies fill my imagination. They are tiny creatures with magic and power. Their wings are tiny but shiny when they flap and fly. Other people think that fairies are not real and that they only exist in the mind. At first, I just nodded to believe that they are not as real as people think. They are only part of the figment of people's imaginations. However, I never see one when I grew up, which tells me that they are maybe unreal. Fairies symbolize good times and fortunes.

I also know about magical unicorns. I can tell the name Pegasus, and I saw it once in the movie Clash of the Titans starred by Sam Worthington. Unicorns have horns on their forehead, and they have wings to fly. I do not know if it exists in this world where people never consider it as real. These creatures make me wish to believe that they are real. Certainly, I want to meet them because I think their worlds are different from ours. By the way, unicorns symbolize strengths and hopes.

I like birds. Perhaps, I can think of becoming one of those types because I love to fly and breather the fresh air in the sky. I love to flap my wings if I have. Birds symbolize freedom and carefree where I do not have to think of jobs and responsibilities. That is why I want to be particularly an eagle because I am too ambitious to finish my goal.

However, I never think of dragonflies. I do not what they look like because I never saw them when I grew up. However, I saw them when I was a kid. They are amazing... They are like my angels who watch over me when I dream. They have unique wings compared to Pegasus, the eagles, and fairies. They are unique creatures, which appear in the imaginations of the creators. Like other imaginative creatures, dragonflies are real. They exist in our world where we never know them so well. They are spirit animals that signal us to evolve and transform. Once these animals come to you, you are called to transform and evolve. The symbol that dragonflies have is to acquire the wisdom of transformation and evolution or adaptability.

In this trying times, when technology dominates, we are called to transform and adapt the kind of nature and world where we live. Transformation is possible when we adapt and consider changes. If we stick to the traditional lifestyles, we continuously make a tug-of-war against time. The dragonflies tell us that the time has already started changing. What we need to do is to adapt and transform into someone who is supposed to be. The dragonflies have watched over us in which we never noticed. You might not know that they visited you at home or by the time when you sleep. The dragonflies are symbols of change in the trying times. In the end, their unique abilities change from time to time, and they survive the struggling political and social situations.

Dragonflies are just one race of spirit animals. However, they are totally different from each other. They are unique of their kinds, and they never condemn their fellow creatures because of their differences. Their different shapes, forms, and colors of their wings suggest that they differ from one another. However, they never abandon their kinds no matter their uniqueness and differences. They are not like humans who condemn specific groups of people. Because other people are different due to their misfortunes and individual preferences, they are being ostracized and banished. To think of this situation, I can tell that it is better to be dragonflies than to be humans. The characteristics of dragonflies are simply unique and evolving and adapting. Since the time is changing, dragonflies do change for the better. Unlike dragonflies, many humans have a poor understanding about uniqueness and differences compared to the dragonflies.

Dragonflies are fascinating. They appear in times when we never expect. Be surprised when they come.


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