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A Night Before Christmas - The Bass Fisherman's Version

Updated on November 10, 2011

Bass Fishing Christmas Poem

Bass Fishing Version - Twas a Night before

Twas the night before fishin',
and all through the lake,
not a spinner was spinnin',
nope,not even in " big break ",
the stockings were hung by the bass boat with care,
in hopes that my new trolling motor might be there.

The children were nestled all sleeping like logs,
With visions of Clear Lake and throwing a frog,
And mama is sleepin' while I finish my knots,
I hope she don't find out the new tackle I bought,

When out on the lake I heard such a splash,
I hopped out of bed and tried to catch that damn bass,
Away to the bass boat, I picked up my bait,
Still in my P.J's I just couldn't wait,

The moon was full as I crank up the Verado,
I hope my wife bought me the new Curado,
When to my wonder, who should appear,
It was Santa Clause,in a Ranger, drinking a beer,

He sprang to his boat, and the engine went Vroom,
250 horsepower, badda-bing, badda-boom,
As he motored off into the still, dark night,
He said, " Merry Christmas to all, and keep those lines tight ! "

Thanks Wong for all the great Laughs ;)


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