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A Night of Remembering

Updated on February 7, 2011

The following story is 100 percent fictional. I typed it rather fast so please forgive any grammar inaccuracies. 

Standing in the spotlight is a dream of many people who dream of being famous but for Zack it was the farthest thing from his mind. Looking back to what brought him to this moment wasn’t hard. Hours ago no one really knew who he was but now, surrounded by cameras as reporters fired off multiple questions towards a man who looked more like a deer seconds from hitting a car headlights rather than a national hero.

Walking along a country road one night towards town he noticed an oncoming van’s tire having a blow out causing it to swerve to a dangerous stop. The driver exited the van to inspect any damages as Zack was running up to him to see if everyone was OK. The driver with a crowbar in hand started to swing at Zack as if he meant to kill him. Unaware that Zack held a red belt in Karate, the whole incident took less than seconds but what Zack found next put a deeper fear into him.

As the attacker lay motionless on the roadside, two other men exited the van pointing guns straight at him. Firing upon him, he quickly moved taking out both men. Within seconds these men laid unconscious not too far from the first attacker. Not checking to see if he was hit, he looked into the van for anyone else. Not seeing anyone else he took plastic strips, tired up the attackers and proceeded to call the police until more movement in the van led to something he never thought he would ever see.

Something was squirming inside an oversized duffle bag. Quickly looking, he finds a naked woman bounded and gagged with a fear upon her face that more harm was to come. Those fears were removed as Zack freed her and repeatedly told her she was now safe. With no other clothing around to hide her nudity, Zack stripped off one of the kidnapper’s pants and shirt for her. During this time they made their introduction to one another as Zack learned her name is Jeanette. As she dressed, Zack call 911 informing the police of what had happened.

As Jeanette regained her composer she told Zack of her kidnapping taking place when she was at her home, swimming in her pool. Her own bodyguards had grabbed her as she came out of the water. Struggling at first resulting in her losing her bikini top, she was eventually overpowered. Quickly carrying her to an awaiting van, they stripped, bound and gagged her then stuffing her into a sack to conceal her. They left quickly before others knew what had happened. As they continue to talk, off in the distance they noticed a series of police cars making their way towards them.

She leaned over to grab Zack’s hand as the first police car arrived. Squeezing it tightly she told him to not let go. As the officer exited the car with one hand on his gun resting in its holster asked Zack to separate from her but as Jeanette moved even closer towards Zack, the officer repeated his orders again. Jeanette spoke out for Zack as they both began directing the officer’s attention to the real threat lying on the ground. Jeanette spoke first followed by Zack of all the events leading up to this very moment as other officers arrived.

As the reasons for one of the kidnappers being in his underwear was clarified another officer appeared with a blanket covering her up as both were placed in the back of the car as more and more vehicles began to appear off in the distance. It was clear that Jeanette was someone of most importance than even Zack could ever imagine. Helicopters were flying overhear as TV trucks appeared out of nowhere broadcasting everything live on TV. But by then, the police car with Zack and Jeanette in it had long disappeared into the night.

As the car raced though the country roads heading back to the city, Jeanette and Zack were still holding each other hands as the police officer was talking to what appeared to be a chorus of people through his radio. He turned his head to relay a message as she informed the office of her agreement to those plans if Zack were to be included. Moments later they arrived at what appeared to be a huge mansion with many official type people running up to the car. Exiting the vehicle they were carried inside only to be separated as Zack stood before what appeared to be a small army of personnel just staring straight at him.

An older gentleman appeared minutes later, embracing Zack leading to several other people praising constantly for his actions in saving her. By then Zack had became aware as the adrenaline was wearing down that something was not right. With all that had taking place, he just began to realize that he was hit by one of those bullets earlier. Informed them of this concern one of the body guards lifted Zack’s shirt to see that he indeed was hit in the lower area. He was then carried away for a more thorough look.

An onsite Doctor confirmed that Zack was hit but nothing life threatening. The blood was hiding the fact that he was shot in the right but cheek. With a shot for the pain and minutes later, a bullet was removed and stitches sealed the opening. A man appeared to present Zack with a change of clothing, informing that he would be reunited with Jeanette in due time. A chance to go home and sleep away all that had happened appears to be a dream away as reports of TV crews were appearing outside wanting to know the full story of tonight’s events.

Jeanette appeared moments later wearing a rather expensive dress with jewelry covering all her hands, neck and other parts of her body. As she approached Zack, many people were straightening his cloths, combing his hair; basically dressing him as if he was to appear on the cover of the GQ magazine. She smiled as she reached out to hold his hand leading him to a more private area to explain what was about to happen.

As they joined her father who started to explain a few things to Zack. Jeanette comes from a family worth billions with homes all around the world and influences in all manner of business and government. Her family was visiting her Uncle who is an Ambassador in America representing their country. They are currently planning to visit the White House to meet the President in a few days which led to the kidnapping. The bodyguards assigned to protect her were found to have taken money from a rival nation looking to sour relations with the American government.

As Zack explained all the details leading up to her rescued are explain to Jeanette’s father he expressed his hopes of skipping the news conference. Her father stated very strongly that the people of their nation will be watching, wanting to see the hero who saved their Princess. A cold sweat came over Zack as all the pieces had finally come together. Not only was Jeanette a Princess but he was also speaking before a King. But as Jeanette squeezed his hand to relax him another shock took hold as an awaiting attendant asks when the gentleman would be moving in.

“Moving in?” Zack whispered softly to which the king stated that the laws of their country is most clear. Zack acted with great bravery to save the Princess and he had seen her in the nude which by their law they had to marry. “For in our country, a woman will appear nude only to her husband. And seeing as you are now considered a national hero, I give you my blessing to wed my daughter” proudly proclaiming the King.

Before anything else could be said they were brought out before a waiting crowd of reporters and cameras to relay all the events of the kidnapping, the rescue as with the upcoming wedding of a national hero to the Princess. As the Kind spoke before the media, Jeanette leaned over to a petrified Zack to ease his fears. As Zack held her hand, a natural smile took hold as Jeanette whispered her feelings toward him stating, “In time I hope you will come to love me as I to you. Please say yes and every night I shall be yours to command.”

Many thoughts raced though his mind. Getting married to someone he just met and having to live in another country. Dealing with all that is required as a member of the Royal family. The thought of never seeing his family and friends again. But the one thing that was very clear about the events that brought him to this moment, standing next to this very attractive woman who one day would become Queen of a nation was all made possible because he forgot to fill up the car with gas.


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