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A Night of Remembering part 2

Updated on February 4, 2011

This is the conclusion of the story.

As the press conference came to an end, Zack and Jeanette were brought to the dining room where a late dinner had been prepared for them. As Waiting Servants positioned themselves nearby, they slowly began a conversation on all manner of topics eventually found its way to the topic of marriage. Jeanette apologized for all the events her father had set forth without Zack’s consensus as he was still deciding on whether to run or stay. He felt better to hear all the options first before passing up what could be a good thing.

Softly speaking, she begins to open up to Zack stating, “As the King, he has to act quickly or he’ll appear weak but he speaks also as a father looking to find a good husband for his only daughter.” “Someone to help carry on the family line.” “Of all the countless men who tried their best to marry me, you risked your live if by accident, whereas those men would have run or begged for mercy.” “I owe you my life, my dignity and in time my love and if you will take my hand in marriage I pledge to always take care of all your needs.”

They talked almost all through the night, learning more and more about each other. Jeanette talked about the many places she has visited over the years, famous celebrity parties as well as the lifestyle of being a Princess. Zack conversed about his car, his dead-end job, breaking up with a girl he has been dating for two years to hopefully attaining a black belt in karate. The more they talked the more intimate the conversation became. By two in the morning they knew more about each other’s dreams, hopes and desires.

As fatigue began to set in, Jeanette walked Zack to a room prepared for him as she excused herself. His room was a mansion onto itself. A bed more larger than a King size bed, a writing table 150 cm across and wide enough to sleep on, a walk-in closet big enough to actually park a car in it which held all manner of clothing that at a more closer look appeared to be in his size. Once more, the bathroom not only had a TV to watch while you were soaking in a sunken bathtub but that the entire bathroom looked just like a Japanese onsen. Sitting at the desk he took out a piece of paper and a pen and began to compile a list of pro’s and con’s.

Pro					Con
Jeanette				No girlfriend
Pay off debts				Debt
Fulfilling my dreams			Keep changing them
Being a celebrity			Being a celebrity
Traveling				Watching it on TV
A lot of sex				Watching it on TV
Interesting people			Alone
A palace				Trailer
Beautiful wife				Different customs
Easy life				Offending someone
Getting my Black belt			Different laws
Jeanette				Her father’s feelings
Too good to be true			Too good to be true
Just do it

Drifting off to sleep while working on the list, he was awakened a few hours later by a butler informing him that breakfast was being served shortly. As Zack was in the bathroom, Jeanette’s father entered the room and saw the list lying on the table. With an understanding smile as he read the list, he quietly adjourned himself from the room. As Zack was brought to the dining room he was greeted with great applause from Jeanette, her father, Aunt and Uncle.

As they enjoyed their breakfast, Jeanette’s father asks Zack on his thoughts of the matter of staying or leaving. As Jeanette looked towards Zack who cleared his throat and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. To be honest, I felt somewhat rushed into marriage with your daughter but after our talk and more soul searching, I look forward to being her husband. I only hope that I can live up to your expectations sir as well as your customs and laws.” The King raising his glass in the air boldly states, “Son, I expect you to keep my daughter happy.” “I’ll take care of any concerns you may have in dealing with our laws and customs.”

Everyone else joined in the toast as a more relaxed Zack smiles happily as he looks over to Jeanette who is by now holding his hand. As the morning drifts on, more details of what is to happen in his life are laid out before him. Worried of all the responsibilities before him are brought to a minimum as he is explained that there will be many servants, and teachers to help him along the way. Jeanette by then arrives to recue Zack from countless of speeches for a nice, private walk around.

As they walk around the gardens they talked more about their future together. They set forth plans to visit his place to pack up what he wishes to take with him while placing the rest in storage. Zack called his parents who, after an initial shock started to plan a wedding party for him, inviting all of his family and friends; especially a certain ex girlfriend who thought he would never amount to anything. But during all this planning, another thought entered into his mind. He still had to get gas for his car.


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