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A Night's Sweet Travail (Poem)

Updated on May 5, 2014

Time and again, you come

Along with your shadowed beauty

To this lair that is numb

Of spoken sensibility.

As you loosen your word,

Singing off such lethal sweetness,

My tousled wits murmured

A syllable out of the mess.

Time and again, confused

By your seemingly flitting sounds.

Though winding, tired, and used,

Longing those lovely, broken rounds.

After hours of hundred,

Nay, 'twas more with its fifths presumed,

All gone was the bare thread,

Bore of those dreams and dreads consumed.

Through blackened white and gray,

I run against time's flow to look,

Cushioned shadows, we lay,

"Can we kiss?" it was all it took.


For Emi. May you never haunt me with your sweet words again.


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