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Friends Fall Apart, a Novella Story by Author Sam: Vol. II

Updated on April 1, 2018

Novella Book


"Friends fall apart" is a dramatic novella story about two friends Indiana Johns and George Bush who lives in Chibok*, based on a true life story of two friends in Nigeria. Chapter 1-4 tells of how their love for each other was better than love from a woman, but latter how the "cork and bull story" became a sword of division among this two friends.

It tells of how Bush turned himself into a terrorist and attacked John while he was far away from home, Bush attempted to take away John's wife Aisha to another far away village where he and his men purposed to rape her. But Netayahu, a foreigner stepped in and prevents him.

What will happen when Indiana Johns returns? That is what we will now see, the same thing that happens to one who keeps a terrorist as a friend. I advise you read chapter 1-4 before reading chapter five.

*Chibok is village in northern part of Nigeria where the terrorist group Bokoharam adopted over 200 school girls on 14th April 2014. I dedicate this novella to them.


The Return Of Indiana Johns. Chapter 5 scene 4

Its passed one week since Indiana Johns travelled to afar village for a job, because he is a Palm Tree climber.* And Gorge Bush on his part did not succeed in taking John’s wife away because Netayahu the foreigner has stepped in. Had he kept silence, by now Aisha could have been a deed woman, but thanks to Netayahu’s courage! Now Aisha is worried because her husband has stayed long, this is what she now soliloquizes within herself;

AISHA: “what might have happened? A week now and John isn’t back yet and who knows how long more”.

Yes, a proverb came true which says; “when expectation is postponed the heart becomes sick”. That is why Aisha is down hearted, coupled with her desire to relate all what had happened to her husband. But what if Johns is never to be back again?

It is now Sunday afternoon; everyone has come back from their various worships places. Well Aisha and her two daughters Prissy and Nefitsa are having a good time in sad countenance in memory of John’s absence.

But with the eyes Nefitsa turned toward the apian-way that adjoined their home, it is hard to believe what she just saw! Is it a white coffin or what looks like a coffin coming? Or is it someone else? No. it is Johns returning! Indiana Johns is back!

Now a mixed reaction ensued between Nefitsa, Prissy and their Mother Aisha. In uncontrolled joy Nefisa bounced up and out, running with her two legs touching her dorsal while ventralrily flattened as she cries out;

NEFITSA: “daaaaad!! Daaad! Dad is back!” (Loudly) hugging him, and muttering right away in her 5 years speech tone in an effort to tell Johns what have happened. Rubbing her back, dad did not get it at all at the moment, both forged ahead.

Seeing her husband, Aisha put on darling smiles, her face brightens and her countenance became as rays of light like Moses’ face when he came down from Mount Sinai. Walking to John and getting the hold of his luggage’s she says;

AISHA: “you are welcome my husband” (bending her knee)

JOHN: “my beloved, how are you dear” (as they walk on)

AISHA: “Al-hamdillalai John” (glory be to God John) without telling him anything bad news at moment

“We are not fine!” says Prissy on her 7 years old voice, trying to break the news to her dad but Aisha nipped in the mud in a calm voice;

AISHA: “will you shot up Prissy and allow your dad to rest before complaining of new toils?”

JOHN: “Come..Come..Come my Prissily (bringing her close to his bosom) “talk to dady what is the problems”? But before she could say anything Aisha replied;

AISHA: “no problems John, don’t mind her she’s just being childish” (Aisha quickly used her eyes and talk to Prissy)

That is the way mothers who understands their children and whom their children have come to know will do and the child will heed. So Prissy understood and replied to dad;

PRISSY: “no problems papa” (as all walks inside)

*In Nigeria, climbing the Palm Tree to harvest it fruit from where palm cooking oil and palm nut it gotten, is an occupation. (see images in vol. I)


Breaking The News And A Retaliation. Chapter 6 scene 5

Evening has fallen, it is time family heads usually enjoy the companionship of their families after the day’s activities. For a week now, Aisha and her daughters have enjoyed the evenings only to the memories of John’s absent. But today, is not going to be the same, and most especially it is the day Aisha will tell John all that have occurred in his absent. Imagine how John will feel!

Indiana Johns have brought out his portable radio, turned it On and is listening to the FM news on how the terrorist group Bokoharam attacked another part of the state, bombing and killing innocent citizens of the country with little being done to stop it by the government till then, that is what John was listening.

On the other hand, Aisha is preparing dinner, cooking on a firewood cooking stove while Prissy and Nafitsa were happily dancing around the pot, because mom is preparing their favorite-rice and beans. That is normally the way children in some parts of my country do when mom is preparing their favorite meal.

It is passed 7 o’clock that night and the evening meal have been eating. John and his family have been chatting together as he described to them how New York village where he had gone for work looks like and the difficulties he underwent through climbing the Palm Trees in that village. He even saw a Python snake on the top of one long Palm tree he climbed.

When he saw it, he cut off a sticky hand of the palm tree and tries to smash the snake but it fell off to the ground. On coming down, he still saw the snack but this time the Python has positioned itself to strike his eyes with it poisonous saliva. This could have blinded John’s eyes because the saliva is very poisonous.

To kill the snake, John crafted a leave and made two holes on it from where he sees the snake as he covered the leave on his face. As the snake could not see his eyes anymore it relaxed it head and John just went close and cut off it head. Prissy and Nefitsa Just grabbed hold of their mother as they heard of snake.

It is now passed 9 O’clock, Prissy and Nafitsa have now slept off. Aisha knows that the time has come to narrate to John all that had happened and how George Bush his friend terrorized them family, listen as she now speaks;

AISHA: “Oyi (mine) this is the time I have been waiting for to tell you a terrible thing that happened this few days you’re absent from home”. “Oyi, how would you have felt if it is my motionless body you sees as you returned”?

JOHN: “Allah-Kiyayi (God Forbid) Aisha…what! What happened, talk to me woman” (a courageous and bold request)

After some seconds of silence, and a request from John, Aisha narrated to him all that had happened and how George Bush his friend attacked with the intention of killing John but latter aimed at raping and killing her. John looks helplessly as Aisha narrates the ordeal , and shouting he says;

JOHN: “Oh my God!! Onye oma mmadu na egbu ya!” (Meaning; “your good friend can turn to kill you”)

These two friends have failed to fulfill a wise proverb that says; “a true friend loves all the time and is a brother born in time of needs”. John continues;

JOHN: “so Bush has the got to want to take away my life and that of my family?” (Soliloquizing)

Aisha then tells him how Netayahu became their Messiah and saved them out of the lion’s den. John can’t wait for the day to break to meet his neighbor Netayahu to thank him for saving his family. John knew that Netayahu have fulfilled a proverb that says; “but there exist a friend sticking closer than a brother”.

As the day breaks, John with his wife hurried to see Netayahu and his wife to express their gratitude.

John is confused on what to do, should he retaliate violently against his friend by ganging up to attack Bush? But Aisha wouldn’t allow that. What will he do now?

Though not highly educated, John is reasonable and wise. He remembers the proverb that says; “I wisdom, I have resided with shrewdness, and I find the knowledge of thinking ability”. Thinking ability indeed! While Bush acted ruinously by turning a terrorist and attacking his friend, should John also mobilize and attack back? Listen as he reason what to do. He says;

JOHN: “This is serious. I will mobilize and wipe Bush out off this earth. Off course I have all it takes to do that, and yes..Yes that is what I will do. But Bush was my friend and we did love each other as friends. Again he still has not refunded my money yet. So how will I get my money back if I kill him? I think I have to arrest that idiot instead of taking laws into my hands. Yes this is what I will do and I will make him pay damages when charged to court”.

John went to the next town far from the village and presented his case. He took five armed police men alone with him to arrest Bush and all his thugs. Bush on the other hand is planning a second attack on John, but not knowing that his previous actions have overtaking him.

On getting to George Bush’s home, a gentle slim but fair young man is just coming out from his bathroom with towel wrapped round his waist, it is Bush! He just had his bath and about to go meet his men for another attack on John that night. John is wise, he did not go in with the police men, but gave the picture of Bush to the police and decided to stay outside the gate. The police were not on their uniform anyway.

It is a public compound, the gates is always wide open. When Bush saw the police as he came out of the bath room, he didn’t know they are police men as they were not on uniform, so he simply walked in to dress himself. Just some minutes after, the police men knocks his door;

POLICE: “knock. Knock. Knock” (knocking)

BUSH: “who goes there, a minute please am coming”. A minute later Bush with his hands on his pocket came out, and on seeing the men he asked;

BUSH: “how may I be of help to you men”?.

POLICE: “From the state’s C.I. D you are under arrest” (trusting his hand in his shirt, he removed and shows him his I.D)

BUSH: “why? And what is my offense”?

POLICE: “You are under arrest for a terrorist attack against Mr. Indiana Johns and his family, for attack, rape, and attempted murder”.

BUSH: “Excuse me! I think you have the wrong person Mr. man”.

POLICE: “Gentle man, you have the right to remain silence because anything you say now will be used against you in the court of law”. Men (referring to his fellow police) arrest this man”

Grasping hold of him on his trouser, they leads him out pushing him, but when he try to struggle with them one of the police men drew his gun off and Bush remained calm.

George Bush is still wondering within himself if he will ever see John again not knowing John is at the gate. On getting to the gate, he sees John but turned his face away while John smiles victoriously as the police lead him off.

He led the police as they captures one by one the men that he used for the attack and all where captured and thrown into the pick-up bus of the police as they take them to the station, while John was told to return by tomorrow morning.

Another proverb of the wise man came true; “there exist a companion disposed to break one another to pieces”! friends have fallen apart! Yet, what happens after this, is even more despicable than any that has happened till now.*

*The story continues in VOLUME III


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