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FRIENDS FALL APART, The Armageddon. Vol. III

Updated on April 2, 2018


"friends falls apart" is a dramatic novella story about two friends Indiana Johns and George Bush who lives in Chibok, based on a true life story of two friends in Nigeria. Volume I tells of how their love for each other was better than love from a woman, but latter how the "cork and bull's story" became a sword of division among these two friends.

Volume I, farther narrated how Bush turned himself into a terrorist and attacked John while he was far away from home, Bush attempted to take away John's wife Aisha to another far away village where he and his men purposed to rape her. But Netayahu, a foreigner stepped in and prevents him.

Volume II, picked up from where volume I ended, and narrated what happened when Indian Johns returned and the worst of all when Aisha told him all that happened. it farther narrated the action John now take against Bush his former friend, and ends when bush was arrested by John.

Now George Bush have been taken into the Police custody and John was to report to the station the next day. This is the final part of this novella and contains a very shocking events that now took place in the lives of these two friend. It is the Armageddon.


John And Bush In Court. Chapter 7 Scene 6

The next day, on Tuesday morning, Indiana Johns is already at the police station since it half passes 8. Already both John and Bush have made their written statement which is now in the hands of the officers.

Now the police asked John the next step he wanted to take, this is his reply;

JOHN: “The men (thugs) should be released on bail, but as for Bush I sue him to court”.

John was still speaking when a young man walked in, in white conspicuous attire. He is the brother to one of the Bush’s men in police custody; he has come to see his brother and also to give him some fruit he bought, because none of them have eaten anything since yesterday when they were arrested. Then he was told to go home and inform other family members of the men in custody to come and initiate bail for them.

POLICE: “Sergeant!! Sir! Bring him out!” (The visitor’s brother)

He has been beaten mercilessly by the police, he was bailed at once by his brother and, at the end all the others were also bailed but Bush.

The court case between Bush and John is fixed, two weeks from now. Evidence will be needed to convict Bush of the charges labeled against him; also the court demands that two eye witnesses must be produced to prove the charges on the accused, remember, George Bush had been accused of aggravated assaults, terrorist acts, and attempted rape and murder. Thus it is just as the wise proverb had says; “in the mouth of two witnesses all mater is established”.

George Bush was given a lawyer whom he told everything that he had done, and his intention toward John’s wife Aisha. Yet his lawyer assured him that he will do all he could to defend him. This is why some may view lawyers as layers (criminal lawyers are those who studied criminal law and defends criminals even while knowing they are criminals)

John had also narrated to his layer all that occurred and also had received an assurance from his lawyer of certain success. By now two weeks has almost come to a close, the two parties have prepared to dance the court music, but who will come out victorious? Who will out-dance his opponent?

Is it Indiana Johns who will come out victorious? But what happens if he isn’t? It seems that all but none came out victorious! The next day is the D day! Let us now go to the court room together and see the victor.

Failed Conclution Of Court Case. Chapter 8 Scene 7

Today being the D day, almost all the villagers are keenly interested in the outcome of this case. We all both young and old have streamed to the distanced town where the court case is to be held, both parties with their advocators. The Indiana John’s party and the George Bush’s party sitting at the right and left side of the court room respectively. And looking at the witness stage were two witnesses standing, guess who there are!

Also taken their seats are the two lawyers for and against. There were calmness as we wait for the judge to step in, all around can be seen the law enforcement agencies and the court’s attendants, and looking up the ceiling were the ceiling fans circling without wedge.

As the calmness continues for some more minutes, a door opened, emerging is the judge from the open door behind the judgment seat. All eyes on him, hearts are rising and abating, then comes a sound after a long period of silence, all stood as the judge takes his seat. Then another sound signaling that we may now have our seat was heard.

The judge is searching in his book as he cracks a noise with his throat that nearly extinguished the already flaming breath of many. Everyone is calm, he raises his head, he looked up and then he motioned, signaling a case, the lawyers looks him understandably, that marks the launching of an argument between both lawyers that will last till the next three hours.

It is now exactly three hours the judge signaled the beginning of the arguments. Already, standing on the witness stage were Netayahu and wife. However, by now, it has become evident to the judge that the case could not be decided upon that same day, thus the case adjourned, two weeks more from now.

Till now, Bush have been in the counter of the police, but fortunately for him and unfortunately for John, Bush was granted the privilege of returning home till the next resumption of the case two weeks later. How sad!

Indiana Johns have expected a quick victory, he expected to see Bush rusting in jail at the end of today, and to the rest of his life there, oh how disappointed! You can see George Bush smiling greatly as if he has won a lottery, but the smile was soon to be turned into the wish of Indiana Johns, what happened some minutes after the adjournment of the case, and a few distances away from the court home was unfathomable, unimaginable and unsuspected. The long journey that should have drag on for many weeks from now, will be made short, it is like an Armageddon.

The Armageddon. Chapter 9 Scene 8

The case have been adjourned, the court is dismissed. Some are happy while others are sad. Indiana John’s expectation failed him as his opponent has been granted freedom by the judge to go home before the resumption of the hearing in coming weeks. John is not all that satisfied with the judge’s decision but at the other hand, Bush believes that this is evident of the total victory he will secure at the coming hearing of the case, who knows!

Since almost the whole villagers have traveled down to attend the court case, returning is a bit difficult. Adding to it is that there is no much available car to board, thus a great number of people including John and Bush, have to stand for some time while waiting for the next available bus to board, the place being a few distance from the courthouse, the stage is now set for the climax of all events, past and present. How?

As the crowd was waiting for an available bus, fortunately here is one! What everyone in this situation will do is exactly what we did. Rushing like a tempestuous wind, all the crowd aims at forcing their way through into the car, but a wonder will never fail to happen right here, a wonder of wonders that will affect both Bush, John and even involved others in more disastrous way.

George Bush pulled her backward! That resulted to a tragedy that changed the total course of events; as everyone were struggling to enter the bus so as not to be left out, Bush struggled hard but was overtaken by a mother of one, and she forced herself in instead of Bush. Already John is seated watching the struggle between his one time friend and now his would-be prisoner. Just one seat left, and the woman with her baby on her back had already overtaken Bush, and making her way to occupy the one remaining seat. Bush feels humiliated by a woman that also will mean he will have to wait for some time more before the next bus arrives, but Oh! He rather dies than be humiliated by his fellow man and now by a woman before the crowd.

Bush have always demonstrated a terrorist attitude throughout this his life story. So with force he pulled the woman back and out of the car, and falling, she landed with her back, heating both hers and her baby’s head on the coal tar and the death of the baby was in a twinkling of an eye. Mother is already bleeding, bleeding, and bleeding, she was already in a Coma before getting to the hospital, unknown to the mercenaries till the doctor confirmed her comatose, Bush has just made his own coffin and dog his own Hades with his two hands.

Realizing that calamity have befallen him, Bush quickly tried to make his way out but John who have been watching everything with added interest get hold of him and pull him back, ripping apart his trouser as his nakedness is exposed. The crowd rationalized with beating, kicking, until almost dead before he was taken back to the police station where he victoriously has leave behind some few minutes ago and was reminded back in jail.

Worst yet, the woman is the wife of the officer in charge of the case, she just visited her husband and was returning home that faithful afternoon, before she met her death in Bush’s despicable hands. At last Bush is now between the deep blue sea, and his end afterward is now predictable.

Before the next day, the police officer had shot Bush to death and has also taken his own life, as he viewed as meaningless, life without his dear wife and baby. Thus the climax of a journey that had begone far back and could have stretched farther into the future, how quick friends can fall apart!

Did you enjoy reading the three volumes of this novella? Tell us how you feels

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