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A Page, From The Licence to The Grave

Updated on March 26, 2010


From the licence to the grave.
A book to come, ah! but when?

From the licence to the grave.

The Wee Man.

Glasgow summer 2007.


As the plane circled, round the north of Glasgow,

I tried to pick out the places I knew.

First one, I got right I think was Celtic park, and then it was all pie in the sky till

I saw Bearsden, Clydebank, and then Renfrew and touch down.

The place was still stinking from the fire of the terrorist attack the week before.

The place now looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in Iraqi.

I collect my luggauge and head for the shuttle bus just like scratch instructed.

It’s not long before I start to look on the old place again warts and all.

As I step from the shuttle bus from the airport, I look at the station front in

Gordon street. It still looks the same as it did a hundred years ago and the last time

I looked.  The two cops with the junkie shoplifter in the corner, Look the business

In their Robo Cop outfits, but bring a wry grin from the guy walking past.

By his age and look, he was much like my self, so; there I

Thought what could be behind his grin?

” Yes your honor…. resisted arrest ”

” And how did he do that seeing as he is charged with, in the first instance,

He was found incapable due to the effects of drink or drugs. As it turns out both….”

Replies the court lawyer.

” He refussed to put the handcuffs on and get in the van unassisted your Honor ”


As I walk towards the ticket office I saw an old friend.    Fuck what if he see’s me.

” Excusse me Sir…”

I froze as wee Chic…  ‘ CHARLES ‘ walked straight over to me, and scooped up two

tickets, and gum wrapper with his little brush and pan on a pole.

I nod to him he looks me square in the face

” Oops! Sorry Sir ”

Wow he looked fuckin’ old.

I run my hand over my chin and feel the five oclock shaddow that has peaked the skin.

It made me feel the way wee Chic looked for a moment, Brrr!!…


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    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Nice starting of a story! Please do continue.