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A Panoply of Skills

Updated on November 1, 2016

Supplement the Dreams

A startup unencumbered by the government regulations, restraints, and “safety nets” associated with what is going on currently in today’s market, Grapnel Group had just went public and now the owners reaped the rewards of all the years of progress and innovation that they engineered in the making of the company. Joel Bear, Max Terry, O’Quan Pax and Taylor Yost all contributed to the formation of Grapnel Group with Bear as CEO. The founders issued stocks to their investors and allowed the man on the street to touch funds unthought about by most. Based in Newark, Delaware, the four friends set out to establish a brand that would supplement the dreams of those who wish to experience tension and move deftly in space on a piece of webbing two inches wide. The thrill lovers would always take the thin trampoline to heights few ever concocted in their minds. The set of four explained the machinations of the business to a customer who happened to ask what Grapnel Group were working on next as a well as their origin.

The Grace and Ease

“Well, sir, our name is a good place to start. The irony is that there is actually no grapnels or grappling devices associated with slacking or highlining. We just thought that they looked cool and are usually thought of as a rope’s best friend. We use only the finest webbing and hook devices.” He laughed. “Not grapnels.”

“Okay, so what is a company like yours doing in Delaware? It’s kind of tough to suspend those things so high without there being great elevation in the state.”

“I’ll answer this one,” O’Quan said. “As you can see,” he pointed to a video on a flat screen of urbanliners balancing along the line. “There is a line for any setting so it doesn’t have to be a highliner all the time. Some are just a few inches off of the ground.”

Taylor set up the line in-store and demonstrated the grace and ease of a simply made line.

Slackline Passion


The Lioness in Her

“So, it goes like this,” O’Quan wrapped the line around a stanchion on either side of the store. Taylor snapped to and displayed such prowess as he didn’t shimmy or sway so much as he strolled. He reached the other stanchion but before that he lifted one leg over the other and reversed the dismount. This customer, Chad Ossinger, was applauding Taylor’s performance and the fact that he had become a shareholder in Grapnel Group just that morning.

“I’m impressed,” he said. “Now, who might this be?”

In walked a wiry woman with lines wrapped around her arms. She was the CTO of the company, handling the website and social networking platforms, but to the guys at Grapnel, she was the chief excitement officer. She was fresh from her highlining victories over two sizeable cliffs ranging 700 feet in height. Her natural styled hair reached up to the ceiling and her delicate, toned frame called to mind a ballerina or a boxer. Her skin resembled mahogany and her lips were as full as a mother’s belly after eight months of pregnancy. The store applauded her return. Max controlled the room and provided her a proper introduction.

“And now, I present to you the crown jewel in Grapnel Group. Miss Stana Linton. She has been recognized with over a dozen Higher Up magazine awards for her bravery. We like to think of her as our eye candy.” Stana cut Max a strong side eye. He continued.

“And with that, I’ll allow her to say a few words on behalf of our going public.”

No mic appeared at the store floor so Stana had to raise her sweet voice to a roar. The lioness in her awakened.

Between Two Stanchions


Employed Expert Agility

“Thank you all for coming to our public offering party. It’s my pleasure to represent a team which has motivated, inspired, challenged and pushed me to ever greater levels of accomplishment,” she said.

O’Quan made a motion to have Joel come to the line and stand with Stana.

“Now, the reigning couple of the year, winners together for your viewing pleasure, Stana and Joel.”

Both of them embraced and Joel planted a kiss on Stana’s lips to the ooh’s of the miniscule crowd. They had met at a slackline event where the line was suspended over hot coals. By feeling the heat emanate from the coals, Joel still employed expert agility to avoid being burned. Stana happened to be the only female who walked away from the challenge with the soles of her feet untouched by the flames. A panoply of skills and unmitigated balance drew these souls together. Joel would launch Grapnel Group with money from selling his father’s furniture. The five of them would comprise a band of revolutionaries aiming to solidify the company as the leader in extreme sports gear. With this IPO, they would continue to bolster their position in relation to the market. And they wouldn’t let the onlookers down without a performance from Stana.

In Heels No Less

The Nonchalance

She, in heels no less, walked toward the stanchion with the nonchalance of a figure skater preparing to execute an axel jump. Light shone down on her as she took her first step on the line. In an instant, she reversed her stance and proceeded to moonwalk. Applause broke out but she was not finished her artistry. Stana extracted an e-cigarette and sent smoke rings toward the ceiling. Marked by precision and an unfailing eagerness to not hype up the crowd but achieve greatness, Stana edged closer to the opposite stanchion. Just as she neared it, she withdrew a blindfold and placed it over her eyes. From the standpoint of the onlookers, no one could tell if she would attain her goal. But she knew. And as she inched closer and closer to her finish line, she remained silent and returned the e-cigarette to her pocket. She landed on the hook, ending her extravaganza. She removed the blindfold and took a bow. A flood of customers marched through the doors.

Tied Tight


High in Popularity

How popular will slacklining and highlining be in the future?

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