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A Person Passed Today

Updated on August 10, 2012

A curious thing

the world at play

we think we know

and have had our say

perhaps a thought

might change our minds

a moment here

an effort sublime

Death was relaxing

as much as may be

when an angel there met him

beneath a tree

"A man has passed

one you might know"

the angel said

awaiting the blow

Death thought a bit

but his face showed now sign

"Was he great?

Was he divine?"

In consternation

the angel frowned

"Not so dear sir

you know him

but not as one you were near."

"Then why would I know him

I have too much to do?

People come and go

so do you."

"Were he a King then

would you know him?

or a mighty writer

noble with the pen?"

"The world has enough of both.

A shock I know,

but the world will breed more.

I am far to busy

why are you dismayed?"

"Because your callous

oh mighty death

why should you consider

these men the same?

The one you knew

and those others of fame?"

"Because when it comes down to it

there is not much change.

They did what they wanted

with time and fame

they became as they desired

and ended the same."

"What then would bother you

and make you shed a tear?"

"The noble death

the martyr

the saint

who lived for others

without complaint

who suffered and strove

as my brother did.

who's lives were about

the things that others refused

but they did

for these I have respect

and none others.

These don't wine

or complain when I come

they thank me

tired and worn out from their day

seeking rest such as now

in the shade

i give them that with joy

and they sigh

then off to their brief rest

they fly.

i know them well

they cant stay thus long

soon they will set themselves

to right other wrongs

as angels this time

the world to shake

these I have pleasure and pity to take,"

Then bowed the angel his head,

"I feel ashamed

I thought you didn't care

my heart placed on you blame."

Death only smiled,

"Lift up your heart,

its an easy mistake.

I don't like my job

this is but a break.

I do it because

none other would

and will do so till the end

as none other could

perhaps it would seem

to one not so worn as I

that I have become dry

cold and austere

such is my fame

but tis not so

I am not to blame

the things I have seen

the way that I know

would offend most ears

were I to say so

I could give comfort

if people saw what I see

most don't

coveting the passing

of those they loved

but not me.

They wanted

needed to pass on

or they wouldn't ask me to help

I do my job

nothing more

thinking nothing of self.

maybe one day the world will know

and sing for me as those I honor

probably not

my tale would be misunderstood

but why would I bother

I didn't start this task to make friends

but those I make, I keep

I am their beginning and end"

Now the angel smiled,

"I think I understand

you do what you do

for the love of no man

but for the principle you serve

none should fault that.

I don't deny that they do

but you cant do much

to stem that tide.

Friends you might not have

but a friend I shall be

now dear sir

what need have you of me?"

And so we leave these two

seeing as they see

doing as they do

a strange life it would be

to comprehend such thought

but a comfort to the soul

to know that if we are as we aught

that there are such

to care what we do

so long as we

not obsessed with self

give for the love

of all whom we know

that is charity after all

or didn't you know?


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 5 years ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. thanks for stopping by

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Good job. Thank you for sharing this insight with us.