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A Personal Journey

Updated on October 1, 2016

I used to be beautiful. I used to laugh really loud. I could find joy everywhere and good in everyone. I felt true empathy, true love, true faith in everything. I was innocent and educated. A realist that was nothing but optimistic. I was good. But now I am ugly. I have changed. I hate. And I'm angry and rude and I judge. I am depressed. This was only 7 months ago, Before I started work at a call centre. I let it change me. But I used to be good.

I was born in November 1991. In St. Catharines, Ontario. My mother is Polish, English and French Canadian. My father is Scottish, English and Irish Canadian. He was born in Toronto. She was born in Dunville. We lived in Welland. I have a brother. we had a dog, Max, and a cat, Oliver. We had a large house on Jefferson court East. The yard was big and full of trees. We played outside everyday. Even in the rain. I was a very free child. With an incredible imagination. I believed in everything. Unicorns, dragons, animals being able to talk, fairtales, good winning over evil!

Basic facts. but I smile when I read them. My dad drank. Alot. My parents divorced in 2005. I lost all my friends. No one wanted the divorced woman's kid around. We moved. Alot. I stopped believing. But I got it back. More on that later.

This is my journey


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    • shelbyyoung profile image

      Shelby 14 months ago from Niagara, Ontario, Canada

      just wait. there will be more

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 14 months ago

      Well !, You are off to a great start on Hubpages , You are living an interesting and a good life , you're a good writer and have a good mind !Don't let those experiences take you down , share it all with us !