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Why War and Peace Shack Up

Updated on October 18, 2010

Throw the world in shackles

throw the keys away

Could justice exist without sword?

if the sword then blood must pay.

Let all be innocent?

Heaven forbid!

The sword couldn't be picked up that way

Let there be peace

let its practitioners be pure

dry up the world from all that it must now endure

rid the world of vice and sin

regardless of which paradigm your in.

Do all that

cause Jihad, holy war, more

truth inviolate causes what is good for one

is sacrilege for one or more.

Add to all agency most dear

(T'would be null and void

if the right to do wrong we lose)

when that right we have, you see,

some will choose the dark path while free

and lose their innocence

going beyond the pail

then justice must come and blood must fall

Remember this cycle before the end

t'sn't worth the cost

to try to shackle the world

until all believe in the same way.

Which way to choose?

Which end to seek?

Your way? I laugh at you.

Who has the answer

A secret I will tell you

the good and the meek

Turn the cheek and cough

they seem

no wiser then you...

but then you might still peek

note their hopes on are penning

a resurrected Jew.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile image

      Jaggedfrost 7 years ago

      Whichever, my friend

      would please thee best

      that will I do this day

      for friends like thyself

      are hard to find

      thou art one I would loath to irritate too much any day.

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 7 years ago from Philippines

      Shall we call it a draw or would you prefer to adjourn? We might be here till judgement day. I need my sleep to recharge my mind. Perhaps, another day my friend?