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A Poem About Biking

Updated on August 31, 2012

Do you like riding your bike?

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This is a short poem I wrote about riding my bike. Since we've become so interested in driving, we forget that we used to ride our bikes to get to places. This poems about riding my bike, and how intimate it really is. I hope you enjoy it!

The sun is at its peak,

A glorious day I seek.

I head out to my yard,

And open my old drawer.

There it is, the key to set me free

I head towards my old friend,

The one who cared enough to send

Me to places where I could mend

My dreams aboard, my thoughts aside

I feel as if I'll ride all night

Racing past the lush green fields

It's time for people's daily meal

But I won't eat my food today

Cause I don't wanna have to pay

And give up time with my old friend.

The sun is now at it's feet

And I guess it's time for me to eat

The day is done, I'm going home

A day well spent,

Not a single groan.

I walk past my old fence door,

Set my friend onto the floor,

Some days have passed,

I've rode my car

But I've kept our friendship in a jar

Never, ever, will I leave my bike

As our friendship, that I really like!

Thanks for reading!


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    • profile image

      marco 4 years ago

      hello, i am using your poem for a school assignment but need your name to cite the author...

    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Thanks! Haha congratulations on the anniversary!

    • novascotiamiss profile image

      novascotiamiss 5 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

      Oilersmyth: Nice poem, it totally reflects my relationship with my bike which is going to be 20 years old next year and still purring along happily!

    • Oilersmyth profile image

      Oilersmyth 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      Thank you!

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Interesting. Good pictures.