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A Poem About The Past And The Future: The Axpis Comes

Updated on January 29, 2017

Hush, hush, as you traverse the corridors
Quite stillness is needed for memories to rise
Texts recording memories gather dust
Loose meaning to modern living
And every time under the sun is modern
Every empire is great

And every empire in time turns to dust
Texts of greatness will in time gather dust
Become dust
The moment is now, but we feel edgy
Know that something will rise above the horizon
But please until that time comes pass the grapes
Pass the wine, no pass the vodka and orange juice
The western horizon has extraordinary color tonight

Don’t listen to the Crier, his time is long past
Irrelevant in our modern time
The things he speaks are a good laugh
An Axpis is coming, hahahaha
Been on its way for a long while hasn’t it
We don’t remember any Axpis
It has never been before
What is the Crier chattering about
Pass the bread and cucumber dip


The Axpis will enter your world
Uninvited, get ready for this event
It will change your world
Might be good, might be bad
Remember you don’t need to prepare for the good
It is the bad events that change worlds
Events that turn unease into fights

Friends are better than enemies
They gather around hugging, consoling, helping
A fist is closed, it doesn’t pick anything up
Just pushes forward
Not caring that it makes bad worse

Remember the bad storm that came
Passed through next door
Was way worse than predicted
That was because the chill wasn’t forecast
The heat was survivable but the cold
Brings sleep

Remember the stones
Standing, no-one knows how long
Even if they say they do
It is rumoured that signs were once scribed
On the stones, but time weakens the text,
takes meaning from the text's swirls
Only a few puzzle
About the reasons why
The ancestors built with mega blocks

It’s not important
Just pass me an apple
The stone circle, pretty
Just proves peoples can be stupid
What purpose does it serve
But we haunt the construction

We meet at sunset, we meet at sunrise
When the sun meets its aligned point
The time is long, short or equal
It’s just the way it is

Pass the roast pork roll
And another ale
Meaning is found in merriment
No forecasts of change
Can persuade the peoples that meaning
Is more than merriment celebration

But the Axpis comes
Don’t you see
We see that time passes
We are modern
We are great
We will not be touched
Don’t talk this nonsense
About Axpis
We know it is coming and
We strive to prevent the coming

But the Axpis is coming
It is not what you think
You see what you are told to see
Check the text
See if the translation agrees
Remember the storm that came
It shouldn’t have been that way

The text is not written in ways
Easy to determine
One needs devotion to search
See what is high
See what is low
See what has been
The records are not always
In memory, not always what is forecast
Feel the ground shake
Toss and turn
Look at the records

The stone circle turns
Time comes again
The Axpis comes
Prepare what you need
Listen to the quiet
The Crier’s voice is not the loudest
But comes mute with time
Birth is never easy
And may disguise a disaster
Only the survivors will know
But will quickly suppress
As birth is celebrated


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