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A Poem on Forest Conservation-Heal the Forest

Updated on November 26, 2015

Nature Trashed

Still more trash.
Still more trash.

So Sad What We Did to the Forest

The poem that follows this paragraph is about a small patch of forest that is between a shopping center and a housing development. Many of the people who live around here travel through paths that have been worn through the forest over time.

Many years ago, this was a portion of wetlands that was formed by the Maurice River as it flowed through the Pine Barons of New Jersey. As I walked through this place with the idea that I would gather images for my poem, what impressed me most was how trashy the place was. There were smashed bottles, plastic bags, broken shopping carts, old tires, and many other signs of our disregard for nature.

A few weeks ago, a wicked storm blew through our neighborhood. It knocked down several large trees, and the path is no longer passable. I saw a piece about the storm on the news. They are speculating that the storm, which is very unusual in this area, may have been caused by global warming.

We really need to think about what we can do for the earth before we no longer have a future.

About Global Warming

About Interfaith Earth Healing Initiative

Trees Down After the Storm.

This tree fell across the road.
This tree fell across the road.
These roots are as tall as a man.
These roots are as tall as a man.
Trees down in the back yard-Thank God they missed the house. We were lucky.
Trees down in the back yard-Thank God they missed the house. We were lucky.

The Poem

Heal the Forest

Rage, Great Spirit, rage!

Mourn your warriors

uprooted, lying dead

and broken on the forest floor.

Once the trees were proud

homes to the creatures

that you let live free.

Now the roots of the oldest tree,

Grandfather tree, King tree,

the grandest of them all,

have decayed, becoming

its burial mound.

Release your wrath, Great Spirit,

at the two legged beasts

who brought their great metal

monsters with giant shovels

to turn away the river,

and to level the earth.

Spark terror on the humans

who spread their trash like poison.

It is a scar that may never heal.

Show forth your indignation

at the noise in the distance,

the harsh roar of engines.

The obnoxious beeps and

honks of the highway

compete with the sorrowed

choir of birds that still

sings in the canopy.

Show your fury to the travelers

whose feet have worn roads

where once your mighty river roamed,

who leave their shopping carts

like broken chariots,

tokens of the war that nature lost.

Wreak havoc on the toys

and monuments left in places

that belong to the squirrels,

on the picnic tables and discarded tires,

plastic swings and rusted

shells of abandoned cars.

Great Spirit of creation,

lend your strength to the forest

as it tries to heal in spite

of the drive for progress.

Bless the curly tendrils

of ivy that reach across

what used to be the river bed.

Bless the faerie flowers

that dance across the forest floor.

Bring gentle rains

and sunlight’s kiss.

Give peace to the forest.

Help Heal the Planet-Plant a Tree

For last Mother's Day, my isster's children made it a family project to plant a new apple tree for her in her yard.
For last Mother's Day, my isster's children made it a family project to plant a new apple tree for her in her yard.
New trees are very important if we want to save the planet.
New trees are very important if we want to save the planet.
She was very pleased to see her new tree.
She was very pleased to see her new tree.

Planting Trees

How Can We Help?

Here's a list of a few things we can all do to help heal the planet:

  • Don't drop litter on the ground
  • Reverse the problem, i.e., if you are walking through a place like this, pick up one or two pieces of trash and take them to a trash can. This way we can reverse the problem one little step at a time.
  • Whenever possible, use people power to get where you need to go. Walk or ride a bike, roller skate, or skateboard. It's good for the planet and good for your health.
  • Don't use plastic bags. Get a basket or some cloth bags and bring them with you.
  • Buy fresh, unpackaged foods whenever you can.
  • Have an energy consultation for your home. Make it as energy efficient as you can.
  • Get involved. There are many organizations out there that can help you find better ways to live without ruining the environment for your children.
  • Plant trees. Trees are a very important of the maintenance of the atmosphere.

© 2012 Vanessa Kristovich


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    • profile image 

      6 years ago

      thank you for this i become 1st in speech competion thanga-rohit karn

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The poem is nice but give some short poems too.......


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