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A Poem a Day Except for Sunday

Updated on December 25, 2013
HubblyBubbly profile image

Born in Rhodesia and emigrated to South Africa 1982.2013 then emigrated to United Kingdom,where I run my own Locksmithing business.

The Arrow of Love

Poetry In Motion


               My World


There is this Lady I do adore,

And as I get to know her, my Love grows more,

She is the sun that lights my days,

With life's golden rays,

She is the light that shines at night,

When I'm with her and hold her tight,

Yes, she means the world to me,

And she brings me Happiness, endlessly.




       The One I Love


There is my Lady fair,

Big brown eyes and lovely red hair,

A witch with a heart of gold,

Who will be with me, forever I'm told,

She's the one I am living for,

And will Love her forever more.



    Love Folklore


Once upon a time a man did meet,

A Lovely Lady so dapper and so neat,

And so the stars shone brightly above,

This man then fell deeply in Love,

And like all tales of folklore,

He's still in Love, but much more…..


        The First Time



The first time he met her that night,

Certainly was Love at first sight,

He sat there and dined with her,

And felt he was just like a sir,

And as she left much later on,

He imaged her as a beautiful young swan,

Gliding away on the way to her home,

And in his heart he wrote her the first poem…


      Brighten My Day



Waking up to a dull grey dawn,

Stretch the legs and have a yawn,

Here I lie and look at You,

Glad that,we are two,

This is how I like to start my day,

Wouldn't like it any other way,

You make the day so bright and cheery,

And I Love You dearly.



     What a Breeze



Birds are singing in the trees,

In amongst a gentle breeze,

Dogs are barking at someone,

Who knows! they've come and gone,

Bees fly from flower to flower,

Up above the clouds make cover,

What a lovely life of ease,

As the whisper from the breeze.



     The Mesmeriser



When I look into your eyes,

I get so mesmerised,

At the beauty I do see,

Your big brown eyes looking at me,

They are so shiny and so bright,

Looking into them is sheer delight.

A Charming Lady

A Charming Lady


As the days and nights do pass,

How I miss my true love's charms,

She's the heart and soul of me,

How I long to be with thee,

To hold you in my arms and relish,

Your loving charms to cherish.



So My Love


As the waves roll upon the shore,

So my love for you grows more,

As the rain falls to ground,

So my love grows more profound,

And as the thunder beats the sky,

So my love reaches the ultimate high.



Stronger than Yesterday


My love for you I say,

Grows stronger by the day,

And the times spent with you,

I cherish through and through,

And the times that we're apart,

Love remains within my heart.



The Day Dream


Lying there in dreamland,

Dreaming dreams We don't understand

Waking up to think what they mean,

Are they good or obscene?

But the dream that we all treasure,

Is to live a life of luxury and pleasure.



Love Is…


Love is what You mean to me,

Love is the heart beat you cannot see,

Love is the tingle on my skin,

Love is the feeling I have within,

Love is You my solid ground,

And who makes my world go round and round.



The Young Lady of Nude


There is this young lady of nude,

Who every day I like to include,

Her in daily rhyme,

Each day at a time,

But on Sunday we lie in and snooze.



Easy Living


Rain thrashes to the ground,

Leaves and branches all around,

Birds hide we know not where,

But in the morning they are there,

Chirping out their melodies,

Showing us their life of ease.

Witchy Night


     Bed Potatoes


The day is all so wet and dark,

And the dogs begin to bark,

At each other on the bed,

Protecting their piece of spread,

It's too wet for them to play,

So indoors they'll have to stay.



    Nature's Love



Upon the leaves let's lie us down ,

On a quilted eiderdown,

Under nature's shadow beneath the trees,

With the cool blowing breeze,

Making Love to you in the shade,

On the carpet the pines have made.



    Sunset On the River



On the boat and down the river,

Snow cap there to make you quiver,

Golden haze up in the sky,

The sun descending from up high,

Clouds forming the shade of light,

Bringing forth the start of night.



  The Finding



There is this young Lady from kind,

Who has such a lovely behind,

Who’s also so cute,

And Oh what a beaut,

What a lovely lady to find.



      The Visit



A great big orb lights up the sky,

And yet it doesn’t look that high!

Oh so big and oh so bright,

It lights up the darkest night,

What’s that pointed hat I see?

Is it the Witch coming to visit me


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  • cupid51 profile image

    cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

    Very nice poems. Expect more in future.

  • cupid51 profile image

    cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

    All are very nice poems. Thanks for sharing.