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My Vision

Updated on December 4, 2014

What did I see when I met you first?

It was your smile, into which I became immersed.

You were of course, someone new, not known to me,

I sensed from the start, more than a curi-os-ity.

You wore those short tops, the long wrap-a-round skirt

Making you look taller and just a bit of a flirt

The hint of gypsy, and hippy too

It wasn’t long… before I knew.

You were exciting, quite exotic I thought.

I found myself lost, before you were caught.

A mystery, a whole world to explore,

I knew I wasn’t looking elsewhere anymore.

Your hair, in a bob, framed your perfect face,

So beautiful… had my heart running a-pace.

I could not believe you looked at me twice.

I now had a vision... of paradise.

It took some time before you granted a kiss.

You must understand, I was in ecstatic bliss.

Someone as perfect and beautiful as you giving yourself to me,

Wanting a lifetime… my partner to be.

Forty years now has passed since my first vision of you.

More perfect than ever I knew,

Your beauty, your presence, my vision surpassed.

Oh what wonderful splendor is mine till the last.

Hugh Morris


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