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A Poem for EDS: The Ruined Garden

Updated on July 11, 2012

A Poem for EDS: The Ruined Garden By DF Seldon

A Poem for EDS, The Ruined Garden

By Daryl Seldon

I’d grown my pathys in the ruined garden.

Now they are free to rot and cease.

The eggplants broke one of those vertebral C’s.

The squash made me have to brace my knees.

I loved the earth and massaged her with a plow.

I watered her back to a mushy black.

Dandelions caught the sunlight and threw it back.

The tomatoes drank and got plump and fat.

And true the azaleas sang their song

But all I remember is the crush of bone.

So I shut out the cramping leg

And ignored the tendon’s torn,

And took the hoe to the flower head

And slew the stupid corn.

I left the tomatoes and azaleas dead.

Left the memories in the soil bed.

The whining, aching pathologies smarting

Trampled dead in the ruined garden.

copyleft 2012 by Daryl Frank Seldon

note: copyleft means you may freely use and copy with attribution.


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