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A Poem from the heart - I want to write again

Updated on August 27, 2013

So I thought of writing again

This poem is just about me

Me and my effort to be writing again

So I logged in to hubpages

After a really long long time

And I started looking back at the five years gone by

Years of rusting, years of lazing

Years of luxury, years of earning

But all the same, years of some unknown yearning

When I hadnt written a single solid thing

Coz i was too caught up, in my job and material things

And i saw poems which I had once written

when by the writing bug I once was bitten

And oh my, oh boy, was I smitten

To see what I had been capable of having written

And, as I write I feel I am getting quicker

and aren't my lines starting to rhyme better

So let me try my hand at this

and be once again caught up in the bliss.

Will I be able to keep this up?

I myself know not how long I can keep writing

For my mind seems strangely blank at times, seeking

I know not, the answer to what

Maybe the clue to the thoughts gone past

In all the years that I did not wield my pen

And when I was trapped in my own sweet den

Of my own wish, of my own making

I knew not when it is that I am waking

Or when it is that I will again start baking

Poems in the oven, when will they start caking

Lord, give me the strength to continue in my quest

To be able to give my very best

Without being hasty, but also not knowing rest,

and to again and again feel blessed.


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