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A Poem of Love Found and Love Lost

Updated on October 18, 2020

They once met in a special place a place they would call their own

Constantly chatting laughing and spending time together never wanting to be alone

Their thoughts clashed and the creative flow was always in the air

Comforting were each other's words when the other one could not be there

They traveled smiled enjoyed life as one always should

Together forever and ever as long as they possibly could

The dinner the movies the activities never seemed to end

The time soon came when they felt they could be more than friends

Questions always arose at this time on what could possibly happen

Lies cheating trust and regret one could only imagine

Where should they go forward or back no one ever knows?

But the love that was growing and growing, should still continue to grow

They decided to wait to make it official until the timing felt right

Laying down with one another each and every night

The sun arose and they gazed upon each other’s face

Knowing now that this was the right moment time and place

Now that they were together how ever could their love be spread?

Physical intercourse was the route that seemed to be the best

Kissing and caressing laughing and touching endless passion in the bed

Their love was now unlimited no words were needed to be said

Whats next whats next they thought as years seemed to pass by

Maybe a car a house or carriage with a baby inside

Their love was endless and passion was only for one another

So marriage was next to make it official to each other

They bought a house and a car was sure to follow

Living in the country with a white picket fence and rosy red flowers

The sun rose and the sun set as the seasons rolled on and on

Until one day his wife found out she was with child and soon their baby

would be born

The joy the excitement the nerves all came out at once

What could and would happen seemed so scary and yet so fun

So for nine months she ate grew and the pain came rollin in

Until that one day the painful contractions seemed that they would win

She shrieked she screamed as the hours rolled on

Until that beautiful cry came from their baby being born

They took their bundle of joy home three days later and everything seemed to be at peace

Therefore, to commemorate the baby being born they decided to plant a willow tree

Year after year their baby grew and grew

Until they baby was no longer a child and his teenage years were through

He came of age fast and was now a young man

With knowledge and intelligence at the palm of his hands

He enjoyed every year where they would have a picnic at the willow tree

To celebrate his birth and his years ahead for him to always succeed

He loved his parents with all of his might and would do whatever he could

Taking care of the land or his parents whenever he knew that he should

Until one day the husband became sick and there was nothing more that they could do

Two weeks after he was dead and his life on earth was through

The wife she wept and wept for her soulmate to return

The love they shared could never be replaced forever her heart would burn

Her heart was empty and her eyes were dark with hurt and regret

The love for her husband she would never soon forget

Her and her son weeped together even at the sight

As she laid her husband down by the willow tree, where they use to celebrate at night

Now the days passed on and the sadness was still there

She missed her husband her one and true love who was no longer here

To show respect for her loving husband they considered to celebrate

Instead of her son's birth but her husbands life by the willow tree's now filled space


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 torrilynn


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