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A Poem on Civilization

Updated on March 5, 2014


I have just described the effects of modern culture that is victimizing the Indians. Though it has to be taken into the account that not just the Indians but the whole world where these modern concepts prevail is witnessing the dire consequences of it. I had written this poem in late 2008 but now I desire it to share with the world. This is the third poem that I am going to publish as a hub. I --at that time-- was deeply influenced by the classic literature and hence my poetry may seem little obscured. I have explained every stanza that`s why.


The bleak weather; misty breath,

All the frame quivering,

Attitude towards chill-- wrath!

but this does not impede quavering.

The whole world seems frozen,

except the dews,

of heat or ice; we are experienced denizens,

only the warmth and no other news.

Exp. :- The weather is very cold as it can be felt by seeing misty breath. Every body is trembling due to cold. One hates winter because of this discomfort. Although one hates winter but this attitude in no way helps to stop the trembling.

The entire world is in house showing no sign of activity except the dew which continues to drip outside. Indians are experienced in all types of climate. But at this moment the only thing poet wants is warmth and nothing else.

Ravindra Nath Tagore

Ravindra Nath Tagore in Kokata
Ravindra Nath Tagore in Kokata | Source

The gloomy fainted anyone`s vision

constraint`s the brain,

fully shrewd and more reason,

To duck in the sludge hence in strain.

After bravely facing the battle,

returned and impinged on the bed.

and mouth`s sober tattle

cozy warm in the shed.

Exp. :- Every one`s vision is obscured by the frost outside. When any one moves out side he remains very alert to avoid water that might be on the muddy path.

Poet after having prevented himself from mud which might have compelled him to wash his legs: which of course is a disaster, he comes in bed. The poet just talks bla bla with his companion while remaining in the warm bed.


A 1825 CE painting depicts Kabir with a disciple
A 1825 CE painting depicts Kabir with a disciple | Source

Disvisaged the conflict,

now of inability to cart the attention.

paternal relations addict,

In ancient times: a terrorist aggression.

on the simple matter they blubber--

as opponent;

They quell and fight tho` member,

this hostility permanently.

Exp.:- He saw the conflict between a father and son which is now a common thing, hence no body gets surprised. This conflict has now become an addiction for the son but in ancient times it was more sinful than terrorist attack.

The cause of the hostility between father and son is very small and they fight on very silly matter and the hostility continues permanently.

William Drummond of Hawthornden


Blind believer are they and superstitious,

not ameliorate their sounds.

instead drain money in being superfluously religious

the word main fact of their wounds.

The contradicting pensiveness

and truancy towards resolution.

They can`t bring calmness,

of a strange thing that`s decision.

Exp. :- Father and son both are superstitious and they did not improve their tongue but instead they perform various religious rites to end the misery but their harsh statements are the main cause of conflict.

Their thoughts and principles are entirely opposite and they are not committed to resolve their dispute. They cannot live peacefully and the thing that amazes poet is their decision which is taken by the son.

Samuel Butler

English satirist Samuel Butler.
English satirist Samuel Butler. | Source

The son` taking favor of his wife,

that`s the strange firmness,

in every family it`s a rife.

materialism, what`s it`s usefulness.

I am amazed that India is soaring,

her people becoming civilized.

But damn to this pondering

and atmosphere; morality demised.

Exp. :- The son is quick to take favor of his wife and this is the decision of the son which amazes the poet. Every family has same case. What is the usefulness of materialism.?

Poet is amazed that India is developing and in modern context Indians are becoming civilized. But damn to this type of development which is responsible for death of moral values.

Interview with Ravindra Nath Tagore

Rebellious I am , propound for spirituality,

the past Vedic age was agate.

and this an sedimentary; gobbling morality,

and prolonging it ; our development will abate.

Humans barbaric than bison,

they will elude and be afraid of themselves,

It`s a warning and last step of recognition.

otherwise an abyss to lose our lives.

Exp. :- The poet says that people will call him rebellious because he supports spirituality, the past Vedic age was invaluable. but the current age is like cheap rock which is crushing moral values. And if the present situation continues to flourish it will curb our over all development.

Humans have become more savage than beasts and hence in future they will be afraid of their fellow-human. The poet warns and says this is last chance to revert back to moral values else we all are going to be prey of the satan.

Modern culture : Impact on human society

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Hence I end my endeavor but I would like to append something. The modern society it does not mean is totally incorrect. But it does need to adjust discoveries in such a way that every time it should not forget the fundamental responsibilities of a human being and moral values that are necessary for healthy development of a society. Criticisms are welcome.


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