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A Poet-tree Garden.

Updated on November 9, 2009

A Poet-Tree Garden.


A poet-tree garden

is set in neat lines
well-tended, and nurtured,

and trimmed many times.
It grows when it's cared for,

withers when it's not
most poet-tree gardens

can offer a lot.

A poet's tree‘s Poplar,

when it’s often read
Just Ash if the work is too weak
it's a sad little stump

when the writer is dead
and Maple if the words all flow sweet

It’s most likely Cherry,

if it was your first
and Plum if the lines

are all straight
A bent weeping Willow

if the content is sad,
a Sequoia if the subject is great.

This garden holds Locust

if it bugs anyone
or Hemlock if it poisons the soul
lasting works would be Oak

if their substance is strong
What you nurture is in your control.

It can also be Balsa

if the verse is quite light
or Rubber if it bounces along
a tall mountain pine

with hopes that are high,
Let your limbs form

the leaflets with song.

Perhaps it's a Cactus

if it prickles one's conscious
or your Palms offering

one's latest rhyme
just Petrified, if the words

frighten or threat,
Or quite sour,

with the fruit of a lime.

Let your thoughts

form a Beech,

adding sun, surf and sea
that brings peace to the reader,

and sets their dreams free,
You could be a laurel,

your words spun in a wreath
Becoming well known

with the thoughts you bequeath.

Grow just like the Bottletree,

pour out your soul
or mimic the Camphor

it comforts and soothes,
let your sorrows all Pine,

till they climb full of yearning,
Be a spruce softly singing its blues.

A poet's tree's Gum

if it's words stick with you
It’s Yum Yum if it sweetens your days,
It’s a Maidenhair tree,

with it’s soft strokes of genius,
Or a Lemon tree's bittersweet ways.

It’s also an apple tree,

juicy and ripe,
Freshly plucked from

your thoughts with a flair,
Or an octopus tree with

eight lines that reach out,
to grab you with the words written there.

If you too have a poet's tree

you'd like to add
put it into my comments

whether it's good or bad
many seeds of thought planted

in a poem such as this
can grow rare poet trees

that will fill us with bliss
play around with the word,

add in your favorite tree
Then we'll see just how big

this old garden can be.



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