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A Poet’s Free Poems: Written Poems for You to Share and Enjoy #2

Updated on April 10, 2013


Kiss my lips.

Hold me now.

My fingertips..

show me how

to love them all

and teach them tons

and never fall

for wrong ones

A Lustful Evening

The gleaming lights were slowly dimmed.

Anticipation arose as he walked in.

The glances and kisses were all too much.

Like a burning candle, I melted to his touch.

Flushed with heat, my body was on fire,

like a bursting balloon, I was filled with desire.

I passionately kissed his body all night.

An erotic smile shown through the moonlight.


Singing in the shower…

Watering my flower…

Only for a while…

I reveal my smile.

A little grin or two

make me feel new.

Forgotten Past

Promise of a future you never had…

Old memories locked away – far too sad…

Silk black dress, heels too high…

Body so fine makes any man cry…

Don’t stare too long, you’ll want her back.

Don’t frown too much, your face could crack.

Beauty within, smiling so bright…

Proud of what she accomplished without a fight.

You’re history and out of the picture.

All of her past is but a blur.

Try to catch up starting right now.

Since you’re still friends, she’ll teach you how.


Why don’t you sing our song?

I’ve loved you for so long.

My life is empty; it’s you I lack.

I miss you and wish you’d come back.

We’d be so happy, not a single care.

We could sit all night and watch and stare.

I will sit and wait until the dawn.

I love you always, forever and on.

I Promise

How come I grieve every day?

Think the words, but have no say?

I wanna cry, I sing, and often dance.

Your life is so dark, but you still have a chance.

Get your life together; try to think straight.

However long it takes, I promise I’ll wait.

A Psalm

When I think of all the sin and hate,

I want to go to the pearly gate

that leads to You, our Master dear.

You’ve done so much for us here.

Please help me to be strong

so I can love you all lifelong.

Please lead me through the still cool air

that blows my face and my hair,

up to You when the time is right.

Lift me up and hold me tight.

I need You, Lord, more than ever;

I will not forsake You, no not ever.

A leader, yes, I will be.

Through deserts and across the sea,

I know You now, the Holy One.

My life with You has just begun.

I can’t wait to reach more souls

and tell them of Your wondrous goals.

Help the hate in the world to die,

so that I can stop wondering why.

Thank you for everything.

I’d come visit if I had a wing.

Come Back

You are not doing what you know you should.

Don’t you dare laugh, it’s not that good.

Smile at the way you were.

You’ll come around; I’m pretty sure.

I’ll snap back and wait a while.

When I see you, I’ll stop and smile.

Hurry now; don’t wait too long.

When you come back, they’ll play our song.


Dream on, they sometimes come true,

but never when I’m thinking of you,

or you would be happy and right here,

kissing my lips and holding me near.

Are your dreams about me?

And what we could be?

If I knew, I’d make them some true.

My Baby Dear

Will I still love you through all my years?

Or will you come back and wipe away my tears?

You came so quickly when I was a girl,

But you were the greatest in the world.

I love you more and more each day.

The sins of your life will soon go away.

I can feel it, it will show…

Your love for me will finally grow,

So hurry now – get over your fear

And I can see you soon my baby dear.


He said he’d do better, he promised he’d call.

I’ll wait forever, and that’s not all.

Some days I have hope; others I’m lost.

I will do everything; pay any cost.

I am totally lovesick, definitely crazy

all for my perfect, sweet baby.

Missing is over; crying is gone.

Hoping is now what I’m living on.

I love him with all my might,

Trying again would be so right.

Something New

Kiss me once, maybe twice

Just a peck would be so nice.

I need your love and warming touch.

I miss everything, oh, so much.

You’re driving me crazy; I can’t live without you.

Just come back, and we’ll try something new.

Eating Disorder

A monster within – you could put it that way.

For me, it’s a battle I go through all day.

It’s not a must – the world should teach.

The impossible goals I will reach.

What’s the purpose in all this pain?

Too much pressure and not enough gain.

Moving On

Crying won’t help; he’s gone; that’s clear.

The passing of all sorrow is near.

Try to smile; live life now.

Think smart, since you now know how.

Forget the past; think ahead.

Don’t remember all that’s dead.

He is happy, wherever he may be.

You can be too; just wait and see.


Where has it all gone? All the love I had…

It disappeared and I’m so glad.

We were cute, the perfect pair.

We had all our love to share.

Smile at the memories, they were good.

I wouldn’t take them back if I could,

But it’s over now; we must move on.

Always remember it’s long gone.


I feel empty missing you.

My life is lost; I feel so blue.

I need and miss you more than ever.

Help me get through every endeavor.

Your sweet and ever caring heart…

I miss you so much when we’re apart.

I love you, Josh, you’re the one

Who made me realize life has begun.

My Man

He brushed his hand along my cheek.

I never knew I could get so weak.

His lips met mine, the kiss was strong.

We did some things that might be wrong.

The Message

The message you sent to a true and love one,

The message is love, love is for everyone.

The message you can’t write with paper or pen,

But you can always say it again and again.

To Be Her Again

What I would give to be her again,

the moon, the stars and all of sin.

I could have the perfect life once more

and actually have something worth living for.

Her and I would unite with him by out side,

except now we're not so innocent, we've loved and tried.

We know what it feels like to have hurt and pain.

What I would give to get her again.

I would appreciate so much more now.

I could love since I now know how.

I long for one more chance at how I used to be.

I could change for the better, you would see.

I miss him so much, it stings deep inside.

He said he'd not leave me, but, of course, he lied.

I tried not to fall for I thought not ever

would I find a man that could be my forever.

He said he was different from all the rest

and he proved it by showing me he was the best.

I believe that love is a great price

and can never be fallen into twice,

so he is my one and only one,

but his love for me is finally done.

I believed all his lies of a family one day,

of hopes and dreams and how he would stay.

Things got rough at the end,

the message God did send.

To wake me up of my life so great,

but the moment came quite too late,

for he had fallen in a course of sin

and I had learned not to like again.

Yes, I had found someone new,

not nearly as safe or as true.

So here I am, writing away,

excepting life, come as it may,

living life starting over again.

If I was her, this time I would win,

but he has moved on, and so will I.

For better or worse, I will not cry.

I hear out song and think, "What did I do

to deserve such punishment that is so blue?"

My love for him will never die.

It will not kill as much as I try.

I worry about him day by day,

and think of him and what to say

when I need him close to me.

He's out drunk, happy and free.

If I could said into the future,

I would find out what does occur.

Who I marry, who I date,

is it someone just as great?

I should not be the one to blame

that my dear love is not the same.

Maybe sometime, somewhere, somehow,

we'll laugh at what I'm doing now.

I think of him day and night.

My life is a constant fight.

Memories flood my little mind.

Why is the world so unkind?

The names of our kids, the house we picked out,

when I think of it all, I just want to shout!

He's ruining his life and mine too.

I wish this world were not so blue.

I would do anything, do out on a limb,

I'd die or lie, just for him.

I keep waiting to wake up and it all be a dream.

I can't accept life as it may seem.

I could do better now; I would win.

If I could be her again.

Will he ever go away?

Is he in my life to stay?

Although we never talk or speak,

I think of him week by week.

My life, I must continue strong.

If I was her again, it might be wrong.

The Desert

The warmth of the rising sun descends to the dry sand sending ribbons of exotic lights. The breath of the sun tans the flesh and heats the pathways of the desert. The land must never cry for the light of the sun will always be its guardian angel, watching and guarding like a soldier protecting his country. Many cacti and other strange plants are created by this mysterious master, the sun. Like a warm camp fire on a dark lonely night, the earth is now in bloom. The sun shows the power it possesses by creating the wondrous ways of the dark desert. From the amazing mazes of the winding hills to the perfect footsteps indented ever so lightly in the hot sand, the sun created a marvelous land. The desert's luscious sky burns with desire of one day cooling the land on fire.

The Roughest Time in All Our Lives

We all know teenagers have a tough time in life going thru ups and downs. This can be illustrated thru these anonyomous poems.


Feel free to use these poems for your personal use, just not for profit. Thank you and enjoy!


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