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Poems of a woman

Updated on July 17, 2011

A Mothers Love

When you love me,

I love you.

When you don't love me,

I still love you.

When you say you need me,

I love you.

When you say you hate me,

I still love you.

When you smile at me,

I love you.

When you frown at me,

I still love you.

When you were born,

I knew I would always

love you.

By Michelle N. Vos

December 2010

A Birthday Poem

As to a mother's love for her daughter,

~She'll find~

The protective and encouraging father who is.

From the moment of birth

To the moment of death,

~She is loved~

By Michelle N Vos

March 8, 2011


Elegant is she~

The woman who is.

The woman who loves,

The woman who gives.

~My Mother

By Michelle N. Vos

My Whole life Ahead of Me

Let may, the days that bring you joy,

The whisper winds that hurl and coy.

Life sings a song we must rejoice,

For better days let's hear your voice.

As beauty rests upon your will,

To do the things that bring you thrill.

Let's venture out as one may do,

The shinning stars will guide you through.

As sisters may, we frolic through life,

In all we do let nothing be stife.

Dedicated to my sister

By Michelle Vos

April 16, 2011


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