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A Political Poem

Updated on July 8, 2014

Politics of 2014

Lambasting on the left, Ranting on the right

Like Schoolyard bullies spoiling for a fight

We’re livid, we’re righteous

Spewing hatred from both sides

With truth and lies

And fence sitters eyes wide

Hey batter batter becomes battery

And a verbal assault to the wounds

Of all players who each want to sit on the winning team

Ain’t got no switch-hitters here

It’s their way or the highway

To hell, of course.

Castigation tumbles from tactless lips

And religion and politics become so intertwined

That my soul covers its ears, stomps its foot

And screams out “stop it, stop it, stop it!”

Pro this, anti that, I can’t keep up with who

I should be hating today.

Seething malcontent comes from both teams

It’s ugly

What we persons have become under the guise of free speech.

To each his own

But we’ve made a judgment throne

Where all opposing views are damnable

And hearts and minds become incapable

Of empathy, love, or civil discourse

If it matters, I’m pro choice, but anti abortion

I don’t want to lobby for your hobby to bear arms

But I’d like you responsible

And I wish your red-faced politicians would exit my womb

It’s getting crowded and loud in there

They need to leave my lady parts alone and

Actually focus on fixing our broken country.

I’m pro gay rights, but understand your conviction against

Although, I don’t know how your marriage is threatened

If Adam and Steve wed and breed

And have access to joint accounts and funeral services

Don’t make a cake for their wedding

Sawdust doesn’t taste so good in the form of a judgment cake

Just be polite when you say no.

I’m pro-Christ, but anti the blind, deaf, and dumb

Whose loud ramblings and hypocrisy have robbed them

of an ability to do more than

see evil everywhere

hear evil everywhere

and speak evil everywhere

Sad monkeys.

Not my circus,

But I give you your personhood

Even when you act without respect for mine or others.

And as I sit hear reading posts

from people I love and claim friendship

I ask myself

When did Facebook become a platform for politics and preaching?

When did social media move from connecting friends

To bullying classmates?

Deriding your enemy for a laugh or two?

Stepping on a soapbox where

I disagree, therefore you’re shit

Can’t be bothered with it.

Don’t bother me with a conversation

Questing for understanding

And relevance in a confusing climate.

Never been a fence sitter

Simply an opinionated observer

Whose soul is screaming in protest

And wants no part of the right, nor none of the left

But to be left alone to pursue my rights for

Liberty and Life.

And I want the same for you, friend.

Stripped of personhood, called names and mocked

Denied equal rights, equal pay, denied respect.

Haven’t heard this song before.

Enmity raises its flag from personal beliefs

And I don’t want your politics

Your rigid outrage

Your contagious hatred.

We all deserve

A lifetime pursuit of love, learning, and connection.

Let Freedom Ring

for every citizen,

Every person

(those with DNA, not created with mortar and stones)

So I’m asking for steps

Made of mortar and stones

But taken by flesh and bones

Be brave.

Hug a fag.

Converse with a feminist.

Shake hands with a red-neck.

Have coffee with a communist

Or a bleeding heart liberal

Or a conservative tea drinker.

Dull the cacophony of arguments

With the first gentle note

Of doing more than reacting to what you hear

But actually listening to others.

Allow yourself to disagree without disrespect

Acknowledge even if you never accept

And maybe make a connection.


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