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A Potpourri of Love Poems

Updated on May 31, 2017
Angelo Grant profile image

- is an aspiring author who favors writing poems about love and topics related to love.

My Love - By Angelo K Grant

You sleep but your heart is awake

It is my voice that chants sweet words

Saying open to me my love

My dove

My spotless beauty

My head is full of you

Let our souls entwine!

I Long - By Renee Morgan

Sometimes I pretend like you’re in front of me

So I can imagine what you would look like now, at this moment

So far from me, yet so close to my heart

I think u imagine me too, standing in front of you too

Wanting, longing, lasting

Forever in love

Again and again, your face appears from my mind to my heart

An image that stains my very being

Encompassing my every move

Just a thought, cognition, image of you

Here in front of me

Oh, I long!

The Feeling We Share - By Angelo K Grant

This feeling that we share is a graduated feeling

A feeling we cannot define

It is more than just love

Bow your ears let me explain

You are the marrow of my bones

You have become a part of me, not half of me

but the whole man I am

Friendship, Thoughtfulness, and Honour forever binds us

Our undefined level of love will continue

even after forever

Heart Smile By Renee Morgan

Heart Smile

Happy Cries

Daydreams cascaded by love

Gallant Red Queen

Proud Parents

Heart Smile

Waves break a new day

Unforeseen horizon

New Light

Passion worthy flight

Heart Smiles

The joy in your eyes

Secret treasures in the depth of your soul

Whispers smile of love foretold

Heart Smiles

Black has stained the warmth of

purple blue


Gently passionately shared

Echoes through our pen rose stairs

Heart Smiles

Because looks don't tell lies

Glares that pierce

To our cross of lover's share

Heart Smiles

And ties us up to the enchantment

The bond of this love make me feel light on my feet

Dancing with desire for the whimsical frolicking of the Heart Smile

That Night - By Angelo K Grant

That night you left your scent on my pillow

That night I’ll remember forever

I keep the memories of that night sealed in the chambers of my heart

The moment you left my bed you climbed into my mind

You are heart of my heart

I beg you surrender your love once more

Give me peace of mind

Circles For This Love - By Renee Morgan

This love has left me in a circle

Consumed by this love

Caught up in this love

Nothing can stop this love

The pencil expresses this love

My soul feels this love

My mind fathoms this love

The world in awe of this love

Nations are crazy about this love

My identity is lost in translation of this love

My depths are trapped by this love

No emptiness can come around this love

Enveloped in this love

Entangled in this love

This love has me in circles for this love.


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