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A Premature Evacuation.

Updated on March 9, 2011



























Premature Evacuation.

Insatiable is the hunger

for life that is dissipating,

into a starvation of hope

generated in the

frightened eyes

of a young man dying.

No thoughts of glory

nor honor fill his head

now leaking tears of blood,

as he savors his last

inhale of precious air

holding it in.................

not wanting to let go.

But then it and all other

gasps of hope are

extinguished in a

desert of desolate despair
during a war of

utter hopelessness.

Also lost forever

is his passion for that

sweet girl he'll

never hold again,
or that precious wife

and babes denied

his love forever.

All bleeding out into

the blazing hot grains
of a nation known to

victimize its own women,

in a theocracy that will

never allow any other way,
as he perishes for some

great cause of freedom,
which turns out to be,

only the freeing

of his own soul.

It is easy to dabble

in a diabolic dictatorship

and to stir a hornets

nest from afar

when your own daughters

of ripe age for service

to their country are immune

from your rush to a useless war.

It is easier to condemn

good men and women of

a lesser class of society

to a blazing inferno of death

when your own loved ones

are not dancing in pain

in the sizzling frying pan sands

of Iraq or Afghanistan.

When all who

are precious to you

remain distanced

from the bullets

that rip and tumble through

internal organs making

them externally exposed.

It is simple to label it all

patriotic and necessary

long after you have left

your position as


You who are free to

lounge with your families intact

on a ranch in Crawford, Texas

or Hope, Arkansas.....

far from the crump

and the mangling of flesh

caused by the bursts of I.E.D.'s

Two pairs of bloody hands

that worked in congress

simply handed the entire

nightmare of a no exit war,

to the next man condemned

to end these ill conceived wars

before his own daughters of tender age

reach that same burden of responsibility

to serve their country.

That duty that your

own children ignored

in the Senate, the Congress,

the House of representatives,

and the White House

unmarred by the blood

of so many less fortunate

suckers of sand.

There is socialism

in this country

but it is not Obama's platform,

it is the mind set of the

social elite who create the

hypocrisy of wars in which

they do not have to

sacrifice their bloodlines too.

They suckle from the cash cow

butchered in foreign lands

cheney with his

blackwater fortunes

and bush with his

upcoming book??

on how hard it was

to watch the troops die.

They are forgiven by

the blinded masses

of the well-to-do

who refuse to admit

the folly of eight years

becoming a cancer now

on Obama's back.

Few if any of the bigwigs

and bureaucrats have ever

sat graveside and been

handed a folded

triangular flag

in place of

their child.

Yet radios continue to blast

the hypocrisy of conservatives

who basically conserved

their own flesh and blood from dying

in two wars their chosen ones created.

All focus now is on

Health Care Reform

and how they can obstruct it.

Where is the concern for the boys

in their third and

fourth tours of duty

dying to establish freedom

in hellholes that will

never embrace it.

It is easy to

criticize and condemn

when you are not sitting

in that oval office

cleaning up a mess

that was left you

that is equal to

one thousand Katrina's.

Meanwhile a

twenty year old

just lost two legs

and his genitals

somewhere along a roadside

near Pakistan which harbors

Bin Laden who howls with delight

nine years after

he destroyed thousands.

Who smirks and

sends us videos

each time we go

out on a limb

and some young

soldier loses them.

I say bring our boys home

Leaving only a handful of

crack troops secretly tucked away.

sharpshooters who are

only capable of

punching bulls eyes.

Patiently and eagerly

standing by

in some dark caves.

Stock them with food

water and ammo

and let them wait

until bin laden

comes out of his hidey-hole

to celebrate his victory

and then blow his

fricking brains out.

it's time to look

at the real truths,

stripped of their red,

white and blue

pallor of endless death

and support our

current leaders

as they try to erase

the lack of leadership

that was left them.

Wake up America

let's throw some

coffee parties

strong and black

and silence the tea baggers

whining endlessly

once and for all

over the false leadership

they lost.

Let's start now in

preventing them

from making our current

leadership false.




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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      They're all false leaders and Obama will follow suit. I have not tried to condemn him with the rest. It's plain- he will follow suit. We have no leaders.

      Thanks MFB. This is a great hub. I feel like cursing past leaders at least. I'll wait to curse the present.